Are any of you on Ami or Nori long term?

Just wondering if I can just keep taking the amitriptilene? I have been doing fairly well.Doc wanted me to take it for 3-4 months. I tapered down and symptoms returned.Went back on it at half the dose. Was on 50mg but went down to 25mg and was doing fairly well at this dose.
Symptoms have come again the past 2 weeks,not too severe but enough to make me want to stop them.Have increased dosage to 37.5 mg and so far so good.
My neuro is hard to get in with and am just wondering if people take these drugs long term?

I would personally not come off the med for 6 months to 1 year. But Id rather play it safe than take chances. As Dr. Rauch says, when patients get good results, some say they want to come off the medications after 6 months, while others are afraid and want to remain on them for a long time. But a very small number of patients actually need to stay on medications for their whole life.

My husband takes it for headaches/migraines (he doesn’t have MAV) and has taken it for years, with no problems at all.

I’ve been on 125mg of amitriptyline for 2 years. No ill effects for me : )

I’ve taken nortriptaline for years, and doing so seems okay. My primary pointed out recnetly that it can cause constipation (a complaint I’d brought her), but once she changed a second drug I was on, one that shares the reputation for sometimes causing this side effect, the annoyance came more or less under control.

Thanks for your answers I appreciate it. Looks like I will continue and will talk to my neuro next time I see him.Nice to know that people do take it on a continual basis if needed.

Benn on Nortriptalyne for 4 years and probably at the dose of 75mg for 3 years.