Are Ear symptoms common with this?

I get whistling , hissing etc and I wonder if its common ? I have permament tinnitus all the time but from time to time it plays up a lot and gets worse .
It makes me wonder if its a vest disorder rather than MAV that’s what I find confusing :?

i get horrible pressure in my ears and my eustacian tubes behind my ears and very high pitched ringing off and on and last year was diagnosed with menieres but now they say no. im guessing MaV has similar symptoms :frowning:

i’ll let someone else answer that knows.

when i head menieres or so i thought all of this made more sense but none of it does now - cant hardly find a pattern except for the allergies!


I have had high pitched ringing (hissing) in my right ear mostly for two weeks now, sometimes in the left as well. It has gone off today. It moves from one ear to the other so I guess its part of the MAV. I get a low vibrating thing with certain tones in a tune.
I also get popping, pressure, fluid feeling etc. I was diagnosed with menieres, then endolymphatic hydrops then MAV.



I’ve had tinnitus for as long as I can remember but I do sometimes find it worse when the vertigo is bad. I have also been suffering from earache since this all started. It’s not constant - Every 2-3 weeks the earache will appear and last for a few days. When I do have the earache, it only lasts a minute at a time, occuring frequently through the day. Apparently migraine can cause earache as migraine may affect some of the nerves by your ear.

After the first symptom of a headache for two weeks, the earache was the second symptom I had before the vertigo started a week later. That’s why I was sent to the ENT who confirmed it was caused by migraine instead of a problem with my ears.


Yes, ear symptoms are common with MAV. Tinnitus, ear fullness and even hearing loss can happen.

I just walked my dogs and even though it’s about 55 degrees out, my ears are aching like crazy from the cold…when I do my nasal irrigation and then blow my nose, I always get a lot of "noise’ in my left ear…crackling etc…this is the same side I had my bell’s palsy. Wonder if the virus did some damage?