Are folks on "cocktails of medications"?

With my appointment with Dr. Baloh looming, I just had a quick question for all of the experts on here.

I currently have transitioned (within the past 3-4 days) to 30 mg of Celexa.

I understand that Dr. Baloh might change this medication per his own regimen…as I have only been on it for about 2 weeks.

Now my question:

Is it common for people to take 2, 3, or more meds at the same time to try and get some control? ie. Celexa at 40mg, Topomax, and another one?

Sounds like you truly do not know how the medication is doing until a good 2 months or so?



Hey Todd,

I think you’ll find most here are on a cocktail actually. I use two meds but the second one as required (valium) so it’s more of a chaser than a mixed drink. :smiley:

You’ll find that Baloh does not particularly support using more than one med at a time continuously. It’s his view that by doing so increases the chances of unwanted side effects or unknown side effects. Furthermore, combination or add-on therapy is not supported by evidence in the literature. Basically there are no controlled clinical trials to prove their efficacy.

Anyhow, it will be interesting to hear what he has to say next week.

Scott 8)

Hey Todd,
When is your appt?
I am on a cocktail that has basically rendered me 95% normal. I take Cymbalta at 40mg, Klonopin daily in the am at 1/4 a.5mg tablet, and at night I take half a Promethazine. What that basically does is hit every neurotransmitter…I’m getting Norephinephrine and sero from the Cymbalta, the Klonopin hits the GABA, and the Promethazine hits histamine and slightly lowers Dopamine.
They are all low amounts, but it took that combo to get me right. It was a work in progress!