Are my meds pooping out?

Hi Everyone!

I’m not sure if my meds are pooping out or if they’ve even worked in the first place?

I’ve been dizzy since September 2010 and I’ve worked up to 40mg of Inderol and 15 mg of Lexapro. I’d say I’m 50% better but am still rocky and have better days than others.

I asked my Nuerologist about getting on a third medication but he said no since the point is to get of meds completely. I don’t care about being on meds the rest of my life, as long as the dizziness gets under control.

I see another Nuerologist on Friday but was wondering what you guys thought? Do you think I should try something different? I’m scared that getting off I’ll get worse again, but I’m willing to try!

I’m thinking Verpamil or Nortrip or Amtrip?

Thoughts? Thanks!!!

if those meds are helping is it possible to increase the dose a bit and see if that helps, rather than changing or adding meds?

I agree. I have friends who have good control on 80 and above Inderal (propanalol) I got only slight relief on 40 mg a day.


Opps! I forgot to mention that my blood pressure was already at it’s lowest and the Dr. didn’t want to up the inderol…so that’s why I’m thinking another option?