Are my symptoms MAV?

Hi everyone. I am new here. I am an active member on the site- a member there suggested I come here for some advice! Ive heard this is a great site!!!
I have been diagnosed w. both menieres and MAV. I have had gentamicin injections which has stopped my vertigo. I have had my MAV under control also- I have pretty much been symptom free for almost 2yrs. (with the help of diet and occassional Klonopin). So…the first week of September I started back to work (I work in a school) and BAM. My left / bad ear filled up and is roaring- like the ocean is in my ear, and my other ear, the good one, makes a high pitched sound but hardly noticeable. My hearing in my bad ear had decreased significantly but still OK in the good one. By about 2 in the afternoon my head starts to hurt- the base of my head, my forehead, especally behind my eyes (they sorta hurt to move- lots of tension), overall headache and pressure. And just a feeling of being overwhelmed or stimulated. Noise and light sensitivity too. I have turned off all of my flourescent lights and use lamps now. Does this sound like its the MAV to you? My Dr. wants to give me a Dex. injection to help the menieres but Im thinking this is more MAV vs. menieres. I think the computer may be setting it off along w. those florescent lights? Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Mel. Definitely sounds like MAV.

Fluorescent lighting is a trigger for me. I can’t tolerate much of it.

Hi Mel,

Welcome to the forum. Hope you can find lots of info here to help get you back to where you were before going back to work.

The noise and light sensitivity certainly does scream migraine. Fluorescent lights drive me crazy too. I had to move to another part of the office where there is only sunlight and the afternoon headaches vanished. I wonder if the whole MM part of this will just stop if you can kill the migraine activity?

Scott :slight_smile:

Hi Mel,

I am a new poster too but not to rotten symptoms, i can relate to most of your sympotms cept menieres, i have history of tinnitus, vertigo etc, now have false feeling of moving about like rocking bouncing … had it 7 yrs back and turned up again bad… after some time on meds got much easier to deal with then i could carry on a normalish life again…i stopped meds 6 months ish ago,it gradually came back…started with mini spins during the day achy base of skull …sensitivity to light… pressure in sinuses not pain tho… pressure behinds eyes mainly soreness again not pain…feeling like im not here… very noise sensitive…tired all the time …the computer ramps the rocking magnet feeling up, basically got dx with mav 7 yrs ago…sorry for layout of reply … :slight_smile: wishing you better soon . Lorraine

Hi Mel,

Noise is a big one for me! I also have intermittant tinnitus. The tension i have in my head revolves mostly around the Temples and generally on the right side of my head. Also experience alot of bobbing motion. Anti-anxiety med tends to melt some of the motion and tension away but still far from 100%. But better than nothing.


Hi Mel,

The sensitivity to light and sound definitely sound like migraine. I too have an aversion to fluorescent lights, and go nuts if they are flickering, any flickering lights are awful.

I hope you can find some information here to help you manage your condition(s).