Are my symptoms migraine related?

I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease in 2006 with usual MM symptoms (low tones hearing loss, tinnitus and vertigo) and recently underwent two surgeries to stop the vertigo attacks. So far so good…I have not had any since my last surgery in July 2012 but some symptoms I had prior to the surgeries remain and I’m starting to think I might also have migraine.

Here are the symptoms I’m experiencing since 2010 on a regular basis (3 weeks out of 4):

  • sensitivity to light (i.e. Costco, grocery stores lighting - even natural lighting if head pressure is present)
  • frequent extreme head pressure…sometimes made worse when I stand up from a sitting position (my BP is normal)
  • frequent dizziness (worse when head pressure is present)
  • pulsatile tinnitus (worse when head pressure is present)
  • my vision gets really bad as the day progresses. on ‘good’ days, I can sometimes read without my glasses but on ‘bad’ days, I can’t take my glasses off because everything is so blurry.

Can anyone let me know if those symptoms could be migraine related?

Thank you.

Hi Josee,

Those symptoms definitely could be migraine, especially the sensitivity to light. Also, people with Meniere’s do seem to experience migraine significantly more than the general population.

Thank you Victoria.
My next ENT appointment is Jan 31 and I’ll be bringing my list of questions and won’t leave his office before I get answers. I can’t function anymore.