Are the Holidays a trigger?


I hate to sound like the Grinch…but i am NOT looking forward to family get togethers. they make me dizzy & that is embarresing as hell & then the anxiety kicks in. :oops:
How do u get through it?

My first bout with MAV came after the holidays, and I got Bell’s Palsy on the 28th of December that year…another condition that is supposedly viral/stress induced.
So I’m chiming in a major YES the holidays can be stressful, and hence trigger worsening symptoms.

Not looking forward to it. Maybe the meds will kick in by then. I’m finding it very hard this year to get in the Christmas spirit feeling like this. But I have two kids so I want to make it special for them.

Yes I can relate! The holidays can be a hard time. The holidays = Stress = Anxiety = Dizziness. At least that’s the way it is for me. Stress for me can definitely be a trigger for my mav. Some things I like to do (espec around the holidays) is to do some deep breathing and relaxation techniques. It surprisingly can help a lot! Also thinking positively (I know easier said then done) can definetley help. Try and be thankful for your family and enjoy the time with them. Good luck!!

I find christmas quite stressful anyway (with trying to organise gifts etc for a large family) without having MAV too so i can totally relate.
I guess you have to know your limitations and sometimes its ok to not go out etc. I too have kids so i have to put in the effort but sometimes i would rather just sleep! I hope you manage to enjoy some of christmas anyway and heres to finding something that helps for 2012 :slight_smile:

Its good to know im not alone. i always feel people expect more from me at x-mas…I wish i could just relax & “go with the flow”…i also stress about buying the Perfect gift & what if they dont like it. I think hubby is partially to blame for this, he insists we buy the kids a toy, something they can OPEN. But i prefer to give cash. much less stress involved…lol.