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Are your balance symptoms 24/7

My ENT said vestibular Migraine is episodic when true rotational vertigo.
my unsteadiness is 24/7 and I do not have any vertigo. I have fullness in both ears and an increase in my unsteadiness when I pass by crowds.
does MAV cause 24/7 symptoms and no true vertigo?


For the time I had symptomatic, chronic MAV it most definitely was 24/7 with significant and sometimes severe episodic escalation. Imbalance was variable but persistent for 3 years or so. Dizziness would have been too, but the medication eliminated it.

I did not have ‘true vertigo’ to begin with. That developed later (stayed for a few months, then left). MAV morphs. Perhaps you will be lucky enough never to have that scary symptom (but you get over the fear, if not the annoyance!).

Mine is 24/7 for the last 7 year.i have been diagnosed with vm by many consultants

Do tell your ENT from me that it’s possible to have true rotational vertigo episodically for eight days at a time and it’s also possible to have rotary vertigo 24/7 for over three years 24/7. I have been there and had it. It’s so unfortunate your ENT has such a closed mind full of preconceived ideas. Can’t you transfer to another one? As he/she says you have not got vestibular migraine, what does he/she say that you do have wrong with you? Might be a pertinent question to ask because you do need a meaningful diagnosis to work with if you are to get it under control. Helen

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Agreed @Onandon03!
I think any Dr who says definitively that VM has “XYZ” symptoms but not “ABC” symptoms should be prepared to support those claims with scientific research, especially when defining types of dizziness within Vestibular Migraine.