Artichokes and caki fruit me please

I have had a few weeks of feeling almost great. Doing the diet and taking meds, things seemed to be going well.
I know, lucky me, believe me ,I loved every second of it.
For 2 days now I have felt a lot worse than I have for over 6 weeks .
The only things I have eaten that I have not eaten in a long time are…artichokes and caki fruit…permisson I think is the other name, , (or Sharon Fruit in the UK )

Cannot find these things on any diet lists…anyone have any thoughts whether these two things could be migraine triggers ?
Any comments would be appreciated please.
It seems worse feeling bad after a while of feeling good !!!


I can’t comment on the fruit, but I am able to tolerate artichokes no problem. However, everyones triggers are different so who knows!

Haven’t tried persimmon, but no prob so far with modest amount of artichoke.