Article: Doctor Develops Treatment for Hyperacusis



Thanks Anna! Very interesting.

I had hyperacusis but it’s been slowly improving. It used to be unbearable hearing the door warning beep on the local light train system. I could not go to the cinema.

I’m now convinced the origin of that and my slightly dulled hearing is an issue in the middle ear and possibly middle ear inflammation. I know this because I still get a cracking of my Eustachian tube every so often which suggests there is gunk in there sticking things up. Heaven only knows what that can do to the performance of the sensitive bone apparatus.

This is not migraine for me as I have zero neurological symptoms these days. (Wooo!). And in any case I had much of these physical sensations before those started.

It’s tempting to go back to an ENT and discuss this.

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Interesting. Amazing what can be done. Links to PTSD I see. Wonder if it could link to the anxiety MAV can produce too. Must easily be as difficult to live with as Extreme Photophobia. There must be all manner of unusual conditions out there lay people never get to hear about. It doesn’t mention migraine or MAV but I guess an individual could get stuck with 24/7 Hyperacusis as people get stuck with Photophobia. Would it work then for MAV linked Hyperacusis I wonder. Don’t suppose anybody would know as yet. I suspect MAV linked Hyperacusis must work like MAV linked Photophobia. Just as our eyes gather visual information which is interpreted by the brain, ears are surely the same with hearing. So it’s a question of fixing the bit that’s not functioning correctly but first one needs to establish which bit that is. Helen

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Thanks for the video @GetBetter

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