Article in Mamamia

Hi everyone,
I haven’t been on this forum in some time but I wanted to share an article I was lucky to have published this week on Mia Freeman’s online magazine Mamamia. It’s about my journey with Vestibular Migraine and I have given them link to these boards as it was here that I first really worked out and learnt what this illness was. it gave me the courage to ask to see a neurologist and soldier through my doctors own lack of knowledge.
So thank you for those who set this site up as without it I think I’d still be in a very scary unknown place.
I hope you enjoy the read, and it raises some awareness to our families and friends, I know the response I have received has been of first shock at what we really are feeling, as it’s a silent illness that goes unseen. … -migraine/
Warmest of regards

Thanks, Jan. It’s sounds like what has helped you the most is lifestyle changes. Do you have any food triggers?

Hi Annelise,
No it doesn’t seem to be food triggers for me. If I am stressed and tired I find my MAV is worse. It’s also worse if I try and fight the rest I know I need and I end up in a heap! I do try and eat as unprocessed as possible, organic if I can afford it and I cook most of our meals from scratch. I eat as little gluten as I can without being over the top strict but I find I feel better when I do. I still enjoy a few wines and to be honest the alcohol relaxes me and makes me feel better!! :smiley:
What about you?
jan x

Well done Jan, great article and well explained : )