Article mentioning MAV in major UK newspaper


Thought you would all be interested to know that one of the major UK newspapers had an article on dizziness. It actually mentioned MAV! Read to the end and that’s where it talks about it.

Great to see information getting out there. Although I would rather it mentioned it at the beginning when it lists the most common causes of dizziness, but still, it’s better than nothing. … dwellbeing



that’s great!

so what do you guys think? My doc, who trained at Hopkins, told me that MAV was identified in 1992. Do you guys think that it’s become more prevalent, or that doctors are just finally being trained to diagnose it correctly?

I’m from a family of 11 and they’re all panickers/migrainuers/dizziers. Nobody in my family’s past generations had anything like this.

But when I tell people about my condition, I often hear a story about an old person who is stuck in the house because of dizziness and they wonder if maybe they have the same thing as I have.


I think people have been suffering from it for as long as there have been migraines, its just Doctors are only just starting to recognise it. A lady across the road from me told me that she suffered from dizziness and fatigue for thirty years (it finally stopped at the menopause). She just had to deal with it as she was told that there was nothing wrong with her and it was all in her head. I bet there are countless stories of people like that.


Just think if we didn’t have computers, where each of us would be today. Makes me shudder!!! :frowning:


Kim, excellent point! along with all the extraordinary pressures put on us by modern society!

Becky, i wish menopause would shut off my MAV. Thornapple is also menopausal and she’s still sick. I told Kim in PM today, my MAV did come on in peri, but i messed myself up by getting involved in homeopathic treatment and i don’t think I’ll ever recover. But good point, maybe when I’m more solidly meno, it will settle down.