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Hi Everyone-
So over the past few years I’ve seen several doctors related to what I think is MAV. The one I found to be the most helpful and understanding so far has been a psychiatrist who I have only been seeing for a couple of weeks. What a relief it is to actually find a Dr. who will listen rather than dx you before you’ve even sat down. I’ve looked around on this site but can’t seem to find a good study or article that deals with anti-depressants and MAV. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place? I’d love to bring him an article dealing with this specific subject, I’ve already printed out several that deal with anxiety and MAV.
Thanks for any direction anyone can offer.
Hope you are all on the upswing!

I know that feeling when you finally find a doctor than can relate and finally understand. I had that 4 weeks ago with a M AV dr. I cried when he diagnosed me and assured me it can be treated. I was initially confused when he first prescribed me anti depressants but after tons of reading on it I understand. Most articles state that it is the first line of treatment. I’m trying to remember where one of them explained why and if I find it, I’ll send it. But here is a segment of an article that may help a little. Also, my dr wrote a great article on it too that has been posted on this site. If you want to send me your email, I’ll send it to you.

Here is the one page that may or may not help. Good luck. Let us know. … erview#a30

Hi catnurse,

Here’s at least 120 articles to chase up:

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Thank you MavPrincess!
That is a great article. I was wondering if your doctor thinks Mav can be 24/7 with rocking all the time? Some of my docs think I might have Mdds and not MAV but I don’t think they are as expert as your doc. I have also failed many medications which is probably why they think that too.
What med are you on and how are you doing?

Sorry Scott, l can,t seem to make your link work?

Maybe it’s different from an iPad?

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That link doesn’t work for me either but I also have an iPad. Also, Scott I’m fairly new here and noticed you have a lot of knowledge regarding meds. I just recently put a question out there about B2 interacting with Tricyclic Anti Depressants. When you have a chance, would you be able to answer it.

Thank you! And thank you so much for this forum. I wish I would’ve found it sooner.


Hi Christine,

My diagnosis is pretty new but I repeatedly told my Dr that the symptoms are 24/7. That’s what always stumped me is that thi has been 24/7 since November. But I’ve also heard many many stories on here that are 24/7 so I’m sure we are in the right spot. What kind of Dr diagnosed you? Mine is an Oto Neurologist who specializes in this whole dizziness thing. He didn’t appear to have any doubt. I didn’t really question him too much as I think I was still in shock that someone finally knew what was wrong with me. I actually never heard of mdds until you mentioned it and of course I looked it up and I have all those symptoms and if it wasn’t for having complete trust in my dr, I might question his diagnosis. Do you get headaches? I don’t get headaches at all so that part confused me.

Anyway, maybe you should get a second opinion. Are you able to drive?

Let me know. Sounds like MAV to me but I’m probably not the right person to ask. I would suggest putting a post out and explain all of your symptoms and see what the forum thinks.

Take care and let us know.