As migraine morphs

Hi Gang,

So there’s a new thing going on that started this year and it hit this morning again. What happens is I wake up in the night and there is a medium-loud hum going on in my head. It’s almost like the sound a stereo makes when you crank up the volume but without any music happening. I ignore it and fall asleep again.

When I get up in the morning my entire left side around the ear feels almost numb, my ear feels like it is stuffed with straw, and my hearing seems like it’s decreased significantly although I think it’s more an illusion created by the “stuffed” feeling. And so I get up and walk around like a zombie, complete with neck pain and headache and, as the day progresses, the ear thing dissipates and the headache decreases. There’s a fair bit of head fog too.

Sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks :shock:

Yes, unfortunately.

I’m not quite sure mine sounds like a stereo, but I often get a low ringing/hymn sound in my ear and when I do, my ear or ears feel really full of pressure like they are filled with straw. Sometimes my ringing is high and sometimes it’s low. Kind of like the feeling after being at a really loud concert It’s actually happening right now. I never had any of this till I started the drugs. So now I have all that to add to the 24/7 dizziness, nausea, brain fog, bowling bowl head and motion intolerance. Aarg!!!

I feel like the devil is renting a room in my head!! :twisted:

Did you recently start a med because I notice the ear thing gets worse every time I try a new med. not sure if it’s connected or not? Not sure of anything with MAV. :shock:

All I know is I have a constant lout ringing, like a high-pitched electrical screech. It is in both ears, and it’s all the time. I do think some people might go insane listening to that all day and night. I am not insane, not YET, anyway. Tinnitus is what I have, I think, and I have looked that up on Google and can’t find anything that says it can be stopped or cured. I guess that means I just live with this noise forever? Ears popping, sucking sound like a vaccuum and then hearing get so bad, all of a sudden, I think I have gone deaf, then it goes away for a while. I feel for you, Scott. BTW, wanted to compliment you on this forum. All I know is that this forum has gotten me through some horrible, desperate, days and nights. Without all the lovely people here on this forum, I don’t know how I would have survived this long. Thank you Scott. Meredith xoxo

My ears have always been involved (though as far as I can tell, not really connected in severity to the headaches or fog, but who knows). Pressure (left ear worse than the other), muffled sound, constant buzzing/ringing. Sometimes louder sometimes softer. It always seems louder when I get up in the morning, though, and slowly seems to tone down (pun sort of intended :wink: ) as the day wears on. Oh, and the pressure is worse if I’ve slept on my left side (which I desperately try to avoid), as is the amount of muffledness, since that’s the side that’s affected worse. I’ve noticed that the drugs do have an effect. During my short trials of Effexor and Depakote my ears were popping a lot. Was kind of a nice change. Now that I’ve been on Topamax for 2 1/2 weeks, the pressure and muted feelings are worse than ever. I’d kill to have them pop! It’s making me nuts. So, Scott, maybe it’s the Ami that you’re test-driving.

Hi Scott.

I’m sorry you are having this weird bothersome symptom. I have it in my right ear - almost exactly as you described. For me, the medium-loud hum is all over, not just in my head. I too fall back asleep. When I wake up, my right ear & an area about 1 1/2" all around the ear is numb and my hearing is greatly reduced. My ear feels incredibly stuffed, sometimes painful and the right side of my neck just aches. It takes between 1-3 hours for the numbness to fade away and the hearing to return.

I’ve had this for about 3 years. I have mentioned it to several ENTs who are knowledgeable about MAV and the answer is always something close to “Yeah, the symptoms are really odd and bothersome, aren’t they?” Then they mention trying Topamax - which I haven’t yet.

So, you aren’t the only one.

Best - Molly

Thanks all – hey Molly, yup you described my situ exactly. It’s like an area around the whole ear turns into this numbed out zone and feels really freaky until about 3 hours passes. Right now it all feels normal again. It may show again tomorrow morning one more time or just disappear for another couple of months. :shock:

Yes, sounds familiar.

Ummmmmmmm, do you want me long-winded, profanity laced and anecdotially denoted answer to your question …or the short one?

Ok…I will give the short one. “Yes…and it f**king blows” :twisted:

Good thing you didn’t select “Door number 1”…I was just getting warmed up 8)


Hi Scott.

I hope it goes away for you and never returns. It’s annoying, at the least.

Wishing you well - Molly

Hi Scott

Yes, very familiar to me too, in fact my left ear hardly ever feels normal these days with lots of tinnitus bouts. It’s not something I noticed so much until this bout which started last September.

Do you get hot ear syndrome too? That’s one of the latest migraine toys that have been thrown out of the cot at me. I noticed you mentioned about pain in your jaw/teeth on your ami post, it might be worth considering if the ear symptom and the jaw pain are connected - it’s just it’s a classic for me.

I hope it goes and does not come back any time soon.


Oh Scott, I feel for you!

My migraine situation is morphing as well. My vertigo has always been my biggest issue and while it’s still a huge problem, the migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain, and ear pain are becoming unbearable.

It’s so strange how this beast can change it’s form isn’t it? After talking to my Neuro about it she basically said “there are no rules with migraine.” Uggghhh…