Aspartame (Chewing gum)

Hi guys,

I have been on the MAV diet for a whopping 5 days now…woo hoo. No change in dizzies, but I have lost 5 pounds :slight_smile:

I have also read that I need to exclude aspartame , as it is a potential trigger.

If this is true, what do you guys use for mints/gum?

Are the levels of aspartame low enough in a couple of sticks of gum a day that I am taking this MAV diet to the extreme (ie. I should not worry about it)



i have heard it bothers some people the only time i chew gum is at the gym and haven’t really noticed any increase in symptoms because i exercise at home and get dizzy too and don’t chew gum.

i guess the gum with sugar in it is safe? don’t know.

that must be why i lost weight the last few months too - the migraine diet! interesting. haven’t been eating too much at all really.
probably put some back on now that i’m taking hormones though - feel water retention coming on


The kid had one stick of sugar-free gum while at a friend’s house last week. That night, it snowed. I woke him the next morning and told him to look out his window at the snow, and that as soon as he was up and dressed, we’d go out in it. (He LOVES snow!)

He told me I didn’t have to yell (I wasn’t yelling), but he sat up, pulled back his curtains, then fell back down on his bed like someone had hit him. He didn’t come out of his room the rest of the day, except to use the bathroom.

The next day was better. But it was about four or five days before he was back to the point he’d been before he had the gum.

The kid’s neurologist thinks that looking for food triggers is mostly not terribly productive. Too many variables. Too hard to do. But she tells all her patients to avoid aspartame like the plague. And clearly, the kid is going to have to. It was awful.


Point taken.

I went onto Amazon this morning and ordered some aspartame free gum. It was only $8.00 for a box of it…well worth the expense to avoid a potential trigger. Hopefully it doesn’t taste like I am chewing petrified tree bark :shock:

I use xylitol-based gum; works fine for me, protects my teeth . . . .