I was thinking about cutting aspartame completely out of my diet. I chew gum ALL the time and just found out that it contains aspartame. The bad thing is that the gum actually seemed to help me. I think it is b/c it gave me a distraction from the dizziness. I feel like I have been somewhat dependent on chewing gum and have gotten a little addicted to it, which I read could happen with aspartame. Does anyone know if side effects from aspartame are real?

Also, does anyone know what containes aspartame? I know there are some hidden labels but am not exactly sure what they are? If aspartame was making my symptoms worse and I stop consuming it, will I notice a difference in lessening of symptoms right away or does it take awhile?

When I had my first period of MAV attacks (late teens, early 20s). I consumed lots of aspartame in yogurts and gum and drinks, and after seeing a neurologist who said it was poison, I completely cut it out and I had 15 blissful MAV free years, so I was CONVINCED. However, I don’t touch it now and I have the MAV again. But maybe it’s a different trigger for me now. I would certainly cut it out if I were you. It’s in everything here in the UK, even crisps (potato chips) and NON-DIET sodas (they have sugar in as well!). I read somewhere it caused brain tumours in rats. Nice.

I think when it says acesulfame or phenylanaline or nutrasweet or of course aspartame one needs to steer clear! I read all labels now and won’t let my daughters near it. Much prefer they have sugar (in moderation) - and good oral hygiene of course.

I reckon you need a few weeks to get it out of system. Good luck.

Dizzy Izzy x

Canderel, Equal, Nutrasweet, and Sanecta are said to be major trade names. I know personally only of Equal and Nutrasweet, Nutrasweet as an ingredient and Equal as packets. Twinsweet is related to aspartame, so I wouldn’t chance it. There are other goodies.

I chaw (well, I guess chew, actually; and no, I’ve never used plug tobacco or any other), I chew xylitol-based gums, which are anti-cariogenic if there are no other sweeteners, unlike gums containing aspartame PLUS sorbitol or mannitol or suchlike. Exceed 15-30 pieces a day, though (depending on the gum) and xylitol can upset the tummy. I, however, have a quite-reactive tummy and it’s been fine on a lower amount, which is all that I’ve used.

Part of the reason for my choice is that they’re non-nutritive, but the other has been meds that reduced my formerly copious level of salivation to the point that I quite swiftly had dental problems, and had to radically modify my practices.