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Aspirin A Day

My Dr told me to take a aspirin a day has anyone ever heard of this helping ?

I take a mini-aspirin daily, as a cardiovascular protective; haven’t noticed a change in my MAV.

I take 325 mg aspirin daily for cardiac protection. Have been taking it for years. No effect that I can see on MAV.


I take either a baby aspirin or a regular (325mg) daily for heart protection and general anti-inflammation. No effect on MAV.

My neurologist told me to start taking it, but not because it would have any effect on the dizziness. It’s because women migraineurs with history of aura have higher risk of stroke than the general population, and the daily aspirin is for stroke prevention. He told me to take 81 mg daily.

I’m still wondering if this is a bad plan for some people because of the possible rebound associated with it. I’ve been taking a ton of aspirin for weeks and now think I could be in some mad rebound state. Not certain though. S

Scott, I would think that a “ton” of aspirin could definitely put you in reboundland, but I’m not so sure that a daily 81 mg dose can do that. I think if 81 mg COULD do that, my neurologist would have warned me - and I didn’t notice any difference when I went on it.


Could be tempting but unfortunately NSAIDs are contraindicated with Propranolol though apparently ‘low dose’ Aspirin isn’t considered as a NSAID. Not sure how low the dose must be to scrap through though.

Interestingly nobody gave up due to adverse side effects and impatient folk be warned Aspirin’s praised for being one of the quicker working preventatives, results at 16 weeks proving as good as at the trial end. Of course Aspirin’s had some bad press recently with causing ulcers and brain bleeds but the side effects list of many preventatives isn’t all a happy read. You pays your money and you takes your chance I guess. Helen

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