Attack at same time last year!

I feel snivelly asking this in a forum where people suffer frequent and horrible migraine attacks, because I don’t.

This morning I woke up really dizzy–not just my usual daily, low-level wooziness/motion sensitivity that doesn’t hamper me much anymore. I was dizzy and a little nauseated for several hours, with minor headachy-pressurey feeling, and I’m sure it was a migraine attack.

This is only the second time it’s happened in recent years–and the previous episode was LAST July.

Today the high pressure is finally starting to build up strongly here, after a cool and rainy June.

I don’t remember the weather when last July’s episode occurred (but I DO remember my co-worker was sick with a migraine the same day, we both missed work, which was unusual). But here in Oregon, summer always arrives just after the 4th of July!

Just speculating: does anyone tend to get attacks with oncoming HIGHER atmospheric pressure? I didn’t have any dizzy attacks all winter.


If it’s the same time of year, could it be allergies? I get worse during spring and summer and it’s allergy related. Allergies are a migraine trigger in some people.

I get attacks with lowering atmospheric pressure, but a change either way to higher or lower if it’s quick, will trigger me.

Thanks, Shelly. I didn’t even think about the possibility of allergies. I will keep that in mind, especially next July around the same time!

Except for that one day, I haven’t been dizzier than usual, but I HAVE had the oh-so-familiar slight frontal headache for a couple of weeks now, which I don’t often get anymore. I’ve attributed it to my cold and the attendant coughing, but maybe it really is some allergy?

Thanks again for the tip,


Could be a mounting trigger load situation - maybe allergies PLUS barometric change?

I’m like Shelly: barometric change in either direction gives me headaches, but fortunately they’re generally mild.

my dizzy month before i knew i had mav was always october. i always had a dizzy attack in october. february and june are my next worst months and i definitely think it’s the pressure/weather change. I talked to my weatherman at work and he didn’t know much about it but i’d love to talk to a meteorologist in this field. i also have allergies so it could be related. i live in san diego and i know that when rainy weather comes the rocking gets worse and my co-workers with headache migraines get worse too! we are like walking barometers lol!