Attacks or constant?

hi all just a question could you please describe your dizziness to me please? does anyone just have attacks of dizziness and then it goes away until the next attack? and then your symptom free! does anyone have constant 24/7 dizziness? mine is more or less constant but I feel my dizziness is coming from eyes if that makes sense.

Sadly both:

Constant ‘imbalance’ and fluctuating migraine brain and eye ‘wobbles’. Sometimes get hour long bouts of nausea, but this is fairly rare. Imbalance has improved since this all started and now at its worst is a mild ‘lack of confidence’ when walking. I’ve had remission of this lasting 3 weeks during which I had no imbalance and felt normal on my feet again.

The dizziness feeling I had before taking meds is largely under control.

Very rarely I get a bit light headed and even rarer still I get brain fog.

Fairly regularly get a feeling of mild swaying when sat - its almost like the minor pulse of a headache, without the pain, but its very definitely a ‘movement’ feeling.

Attacks are of two types - a big vestibular attack without much if any vertigo which cause a huge amount of imbalance and motion intolerance, sometimes a feeling of pulling. Without drugs I’d get a migraine with these.

Other type of attack is the common spins attack, going from mini ones (not rare and especially in the morning lying down) to the odd massive spin attack which risks nausea (though touch wood never been sick, only had two of these so far in any case).

Both can last hours and the hangover from which can last days.

I generally don’t get any change in tinnitus acutely with attack … tinnitus tends to fluctuate much more slowly.

Mine isn’t constant, but the length of time I am dizzy can vary massively. The longest has been over two weeks, and the shortest probably a few minutes.

I have both, which strengthens my belief that some of us have several ‘branches’ to our afflictions. I think one thing starts the ball rolling and then picks up more…‘garbage’…as it rolls bigger! Which of course does’nt help us sort out what the problem is!!!

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My vertigo started as BPPV many years ago, with infrequent and mostly tolerable light dizziness, that would simply go away. Then, a few years ago things changed; I had the awful bout of waking in the morning with horrible spinning, nausea, sweats, etc. If I stayed in bed for a few hours, motionless, the feeling would pass, and I’d be normal in a day or so. However, these episodes started to happen more frequently, and I began to feel all the symptoms everyone here talks about-- intolerance to light, sound, crowds, constant imbalance, tinnitus, facial pressure, pain in my temples… After months, I finally saw a ENT neuro doctor, who diagnosed MAV. I didn’t want to accept the diagnosis, so I saw a neurologist, who sent me to a top vertigo specialist at University of Pittsburgh, where I had hours of vestibular testing (awful), and was again told I suffer from MAV. I take 5mg Klonopin (2.5mg morning and night), which helped a bit with my hand tremor and teeth chattering (yes, those symptoms developed too), but haven’t found a drug–and I’ve tried too many to list–that has worked. I can’t stand living this way, and mourn the loss of my “normal” self.