Auditory brainstem response test and migraine

Hi everyone. Regarding any connection between migraine and hearing loss, and between migraine and the vestibular system generally (which came up in a post by Leslie on the “Papers you should read” thread Scott started recently), here is a 2008 study that found such connections.

What interested me most, since I have otherwise-unexplained auditory evoked potentials (ABR) abnormality, was this conclusion of the study:

“Auditory brainstem-evoked response abnormalities may be the earliest indicator of impending auditory involvement in migraine.”

Here’s another interesting conclusion (a 1990 article, but presumably valid nonetheless):

“Our results indicate a slight but permanent impairment of brainstem function in migraine.”

Enjoy (NOT) those thoughts about our impaired brainstems…

Nancy T.
P.S. Speaking of brainstem impairment–I think the brainstem is what keeps us awake and attentive–and mine must be malfunctioning, because TWICE this week I did something I probably haven’t done in 20 years: I nearly ran down a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk while turning left. I stopped inches from their shocked faces. I was so shocked myself that I thought (and am still thinking) that maybe I shouldn’t even be driving. These pedestrians were exactly in the crosswalk, not hidden by anything, not running out at the last moment, and in one case it was broad daylight–I simply cannot understand how I, a very careful driver with no accidents ever except backing into a parked car at age 17, could possibly have not realized and processed the fact that they were there, plain as day to everything and everyone except MY BRAIN… It was truly horrifying.

Hi Nancy, must be awful to doubt your reactions and wonder about your safety to drive. Very frightening. I have recently re read Scott’s post on the top twelve questions for the specialists and I’ve completely cut out caffeine and my vertigo has all but gone for the first time in months. I’ve had what is probably MAV for 9 years. Previously this hasn’t had any impact… so it’s reminded me to keep re reading and re trying strategies…best wishes for a long period of improvement.

Thanks for the encouragement! So far no more near-misses after those two… I just really have to be careful not to let my mind wander!

Glad you got some improvement from cutting out caffeine. I tried that very early on for 2-3 months and it had no effect. I feel much better overall with regular, moderate doses of caffeine in the mornings. But we are all different! I am lucky to be doing very well.

Best of luck,