Auditory symptoms

When the right preventative med is found does it usually work on all MAV associated symptoms? Specifically if it helps equilibrium should it also work on ear fullness and tinnitus?

Thats a good question. I’m curious to hear if someone who is taking migraine meds that work for their dizziness, if it helps the other auditory symptoms as well…

My specialist said, that one right preventative should work for most of the main symptoms, but he experiences it where people have to be on more the one preventative because each med only controls a one or two of the symptoms like me. I asked him if i ever will be symptom free even with the right preventative and he said he doesn’t know. Its all just trial and error till they find what works for each individual. Usually people only need to be on one preventative to get good control or complete resolution of symptoms, thats what i was told. Hope it helped :slight_smile:

Initially, I found a tricyclic helped with the migraine headaches but not much with the balance and not at all with the visual vertigo, auditory symptoms, ear fullness, nausea, etc. Topamax was the med that has helped with those symptoms.
After being on Dothep (tricyclic) for a couple of years I’ve just titrated off because of annoying side-effects. The headaches haven’t returned thank goodness. Whether Topamax is covering that as well, I don’t know! Maybe that part of my brain has settled down. Who knows!!