Hey there,
Not sure if this is something related to aura or if there is something new I need to worry about. I went in this morning to read with my daughter’s class and every time I looked up from a page to the side at the child I was reading with I could see lines of pink in my vision. I am used to getting the zig zag lines with an ocular migraine but this was new to me. Anyone have any experience with this?

No personal experience with that particular kind, just the zigzaggy, but I googled it for you (my specialty :wink: and found a migraine-aura website that shows different examples, and one does involve pink lines. (I only skimmed, but you might want to give it a perusal to see if it fits with your experience… Scroll about half way down the page, or use the “find” feature in your browser to find the word “pink” on the page.) … ex_en.html (Always an adventure with MAV!)

That was so very helpful! Yes that is what i got! Ive been having on and off vertigo and migraine issues over the past fewdays. This MAV is a beast!

How nice of Erika to do that!! :smiley:

It’s so comforting to find out you’re not the only one.

After I was diagnosed with MAV and figured out that the tunnel vision that happened with my first dizzy spell didn’t mean I was going to pass out but was in fact an aura - that period of time corresponded with extreme hormone fluctuations (perimenopause) - I figured out that one other strange episode I’d had years ago (no dizziness, though) where I went briefly colorblind was no doubt an aura as well. It was just after a failed fertility treatment and my hormone levels were crashing then too. It lasted about 10 minutes, and I went to my eye doctor after the fact. He of course found nothing wrong with my eyes (and I wonder if he thought I was bonkers).

After doing an internet search for this type of aura, I found that the famous neurologist and author Oliver Sacks had had this type of aura himself. It’s not a very typical kind of aura, but at least I’m not the only one.

It’s nice not to be alone in our auras!!

Just an obsessive googler, that’s all - comes of having finished a library degree a couple of years ago, but not being able to find a job as a librarian… :wink:

The first time I had an aura issue (saw spots with zigzags growing larger and larger) I was at work and ended up at the ER as I, and everyone else, thought I was having a stroke! Now we know better…

As for the hormonal stuff, MaryAlice… I had a well-meaning friend at work yesterday say something to the effect of, so if this is largely related to hormones, then after perimenopause you could be back to normal, right? (Ummm, yeah, I guess. And that’s likely to be a good 5-10 years away, as I’m 42. Not sure that’s terribly encouraging… Another 5-10 years of this sounds like a nightmare!)

I know I can’t say all of mine is hormones but i had a baby seven months ago(my fourth)which has resulted in a diagnosis of hashimotos…major thyroid issues. My tsh was 21 on meds! Surely that can’t be helping!
Thank you again!