Australia specialist

Hi everyone
I’m searching for a doctor somewhere in australia that can help me. I come from a town in north qld and its goings to take 5 months to see a neurologist I can wait that long I have had bad dizziness since November I also suffer from from ringing in ears and migraines. I have had dizziness for 3 years but its gotten bad since November. I can hardly drive and find it difficult going to work so my sick leave is being used up quite fast so I need answers can someone recommend a good specialist who can help me

Hi Jessiac
Sorry to hear you have been suffering for three years. Can you get down to Sydney? Quite a few of us from around Australia have seen Dr Ron Granot in Sydney at Bondi Junction. If you can see him as a private patient you don’t have to wait too long. If you do a search on the forum you will see that he is a very experienced neurologist & has diagnosed many patients with migraine associated vertigo. He is very thorough & will listen to your story - also very caring & approachable!
I saw him two years ago after not getting any help in Adelaide & have never regretted making the journey. I can still keep in touch with him by email with any queries I have. He has a web page with his details so take a look.

Thanks I was thinking that if I really wanted answers then I might have to go to Sydney I have read on here good reports for him I will have to check him out


I’m another patient of Dr Granot’s. He really is very good.

Prior to seeing him you might consider giving the diet and lifestyle measures a go to see if that helps. If you’ve already done that you could consider Periactin (one of his favoured meds), it is OTC.