Hi All,

Has anyone here seen Avatar? It sounds like the effects in this film are jaw-dropping but it’s 3D! I’m wondering how that will mess with people’s heads? The cinema can send me for a loop under normal circumstances but wondering if it will be doable wearing 3D glasses. Guess there’s only one way to find out …


Scott, I have heard from friends that know my condition and they say do not see the film, especially in the theatre. Apparently, there are many different visual effects that cause even normal people to have dizzy issues. I will abide by their advice and maybe see it when it comes out on DVD. Ben

Hi Scott & Ben,

I’ve been wondering about the same thing regarding “Avatar”…especially since I’m a movie buff. I’m wondering if I do without the 3D version and just see the regular Avatar if i could handle it or not? After 17 years of this hellish condition it seems like I’m doing a little better with intense, fast movies and special effects. But i did not do very well with “Iron Man”.


ps. Scott …i wrote a small note to you on your post regarding Thailand.

Thanks Ben and Joe – a mate of mine wants to see it this week. I migth have a crack at it and if things go pear-shaped, I’ll walk out.

Joe – I responded to your post a couple of days ago.

Best … Scott


Let me know if you went to see Avatar. I went back to your Thailand post and responded.



I want to see it too, but I will go to a theater that doesn’t show it in 3D. I’m planning to see it next week.


Ps. I always get dizzy in the theater…

Good Morning America did a report on it a couple of weeks ago saying the special effects are making people sick. I didn’t really pay too much attention to it because it is not the type of movie I would go to anyway. Maybe their website would have a recap of their story.

I haven’t been to the movies in years, most of them make me sick to some degree. There was talk about this at menieres.org (I think)and it seems lots of people have had problems.

Scott, if you can do Thailand, you can do this. You can always close you eyes if it gets too intense.


Any movie that I see any type of talk of causing vertigo, I wait for the DVD.

Hi Gang,

I saw Avatar last night and in 3D.

  1. It was an incredible film. Never seen anything quite like it before … I was completely lost in fantasy land and blown away by the CGI. No wonder it’s already the 2nd highest grossing film of all time – over one billion dollars within the first 3 weeks.

  2. I’m paying a heavy price for doing so. I felt fine during the film but once it ended, I removed the glasses and and started to walk I knew I had blown a fuse. Things improved on the way to the bus stop and by the time I was home I felt only mild stuff. My eyes were moving all over the place much more than normal. So off to bed and the whole night I was “tripping” and having bad dreams etc. I woke with heart palps at one stage and then when I finally woke at 9 am felt really shocking. I now have a non-stop low-level vertigo going on. My head aches too from having a few handfuls of popcorn.

So far, I still think it was worth it. Today will lilkey be a complete write-off but I think this movie was a big game changer in terms of how movies might be from this point forward. They actually have this movie showing on iMax too. Can you imagine? I’d have to draw the line there.

The upshot is that I think the movie would be doable for those who have good control of their MAV via meds or whatever. You’ll likely get a hit of vertigo but it shouldn’t last for too long.


edit: went to the beach and chilled with a friend but felt trashed down there. It’s now 4:30 pm and the vertigo is still really bad. What have I done? The effect from a film usually burns off by the next morning … :shock: … maybe you guys should stick to the 2D version.

Hi Scott & Everyone,

I’m proud of myself…i went to the movies today and saw the regular version of “Avatar” …not 3d and survived with very little problem. In some of the super Special Affects Action Scenes i had to close my eyes a bit but overall i did well. To me…this is another hint that i’m slowly making progress after 17 years of Migraine related conditions… although it’s been at a Snail’s Pace but still in the right direction. It was a very good film. By the way…if a person wants to see 3d…they add another 4 bucks. Dang…that’s get expensive especially when your only working part-time. :slight_smile:

Now less than a year ago i had a fair amount of trouble with “Iron Man”. Did anyone have any difficulty with that film?


Good job Joe. The one thing I would warn about with the 3D film was that I felt fine during the film unlike some 2D films where I know I’m getting hit and can just close my eyes if necessary. Not so with 3D. It wasn’t until I walked out that I felt drunk as a sailor on the high seas. It has taken 48 hours to clear up but still I’m not right, likely from other stuff going on.

Iron Man was fine for me.


I went to see it but didn’t see the 3-D version. It was only half as bad as 2012 was, imo. Great film - amazing things they can do with CGI! I was impressed and only suffered a little bit the following day. Then again - my good days were few and far between.

Scott…see how different we all are? You survived “Ironman” and i had a fair amount of difficulty…having to turn away a number times and felt a little drunk when leaving the theatre. But still not severe. Ten or 15 years ago i would not have survived these films.

How about “The Perfect Storm”…did you have any problems with that film? I was reluctant to see it because watching a ship on choppy ocean waves is somewhat similar when i’m having a very bad day.


Hi guys,

I saw Avatar on the weekend in 3D and loved it (well, I thought the story was pretty cheesy but that the effects were absolutely amazing and a total “cinema experience”). I felt a bit wobby for a few minutes afterwards but I think everyone in the theatre did - just from the 3D. After that, I was fine. But I’m now 98% well 98% of the time. A few months ago when I was at about 70-80% seeing ANY film in a theatre freaked me out for the first half hour, then things would settle down.


Hey Victoria,

Glad to hear you survived “Avatar 3d”. so you are 98% back to normal most of the time? Wow…that is a god send! How did you do it? I’m only at about 70%.

That is great you are doing so much better!


Hi Joe,

Yep, touch wood, I am doing really really well. A few weeks ago I was, ahem, “only” at 95% wellness 95% of the time and was more than happy with that, but lately things have been even better which is just terrific.

I haven’t really “done” anything. I can only put it down to blind luck and/or Saint Prothiaden from the Church of Tricyclicology as, other than avoiding Coke Zero and red wine I have made no dietary changes (lack of will power), and, particularly over the holiday period have not even really stuck to the sensible lifestyle changes like regular sleep schedule. Given how sensitive so many others are to these things I realise I am incredibly lucky so don’t wish to sound like I’m rubbing anyone’s nose in it. I also don’t want to jinx myself :wink: .

Certainly, when I’ve been more symptomatic I’ve had to be stricter with sleep etc and have been much more sensitive to life disruptions eg jet lag, supermarkets, high altitude, hot days, changes in barometric pressure etc, but lately it seems like those things aren’t such a problem.

It will be awesome if things continue to stay this good. They’d better as I’m at maximum dosage of Prothiaden (150mg) so have nowhere to go from here!

Wishing you all the best Joe and a plus 70% recovery,

Hey Vic,

Any side effects apart from the morning spiders on the wall? So great that you’re feeling so good.


Man I really want to see this one; no way am I going unless it’s the 3d though. the story seems a bit too much like pochahontas in space to me.

Hey Scott,

Yeah, it’s tops that I’m doing so well. I do realise how lucky I am. Only side effects from the Prothiaden are that it is extremely hard to get up in the mornings. Feel leaden and really groggy - stagger a bit when I first get out of bed :lol: .

Mikael - yeah the story of Avatar is really, really lame BUT, you hardly pay any attention to it as the effects are so great. I don’t want to talk it up too much though - the friend I went with was not impressed at all and said he was bored from the start!