Avoiding food triggers

I just wrote a long message only to have my computer crash, so here comes a shorter version:

My daily diet, starting today, is:

Breakfast: porridge with nothing on the side…

Lunch: Whole-wheat pasta with some vegetables + some eggs

dinner: unprocessed meat (beef, pork or chicken) with vegetables.

desert: a fruit

What fruits and vegetables are possible triggers?


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Here is a list fruits and vegetables to avoid because they are possible migraine triggers.

· Avocados
· Bananas
· Cantaloupe
· Dates
· Figs
· Grapefruits
· Grapes
· Guava
· Honeydew melon
· Kiwi
· Lemons
· Limes
· Mango
· Nectarines
· Oranges
· Papaya
· Pineapples
· Plums
· Prunes
· Raisins
· Tangerines
Any fruit juice from the above fruits

· Beets
· Fava beans
· Garbanzo beans
· Italian beans
· Kidney beans
· Lentils
· Lima beans
· Mushrooms
· Navy Beans
· Onions (except dehydrated flakes or powder)
· Olives
· Pickles
· Pea Pods(English, Chinese, Snow)
· Pinto Beans
· Pole or Broad beans
· Rhubarb
· Sauerkraut

I personally have found that I need to avoid anything with gluten, so I mostly eat meats and vegetables. It is very boring sometimes, but I feel better.

Good luck with your diet!


thanks a lot!

Personally for me, my main triggers are artificial ingredients, preservatives, and smoked foods. There are some foods that will set me off in less than a half hour. Then there are the foods that just build up in my system before setting me off.

I will admit that I do the diet thing half a**ed because there are some foods that will just cause a headache (no dizies) and I will eat those occasionally, and suffer the consequences. Then there are those foods that will build up in my system with no noticible effect at first, but if I keep cheeting, then it catches up to me and I start with mild dizzies that will slowly get worse over several days. If I let myself get that far, then I have to back off, and go pretty strict with the diet.

It is a very individual thing, different for everyone. They give you a list of foods that are migraine triggers, but my triggers are not usually on those lists.

My insta-triggers:
Bell peppers (paprika, cayenne, etc.)
Tobacco (I have never smoked)
(note—all these things are in the same plant family)
Because of this, there is almost nothing in a restaurant or of boxed food mixes I can eat. I mean NOTHING>>>unless I prepare my own food. Restaurants don’t get it and do not think a little paprika or worchestershire sauce can destroy me. So I prepare almost all my own food and only eat out at very trusted locations.

Sometimes triggers:
Stout and porter (boo hoo!)
Martinis or drinks with vodka

All those other things on migraine lists…no problem.

Other triggers that add to the trigger bucket:
Lack of sleep or irregular hours
High altitude (as in go to the mountains…airplanes are not a problem)

The question is always “what can’t you eat” but the better question is “what CAN you eat?”

Keep a list of what you CAN eat. It’s much more useful to have.
I can eat chicken, turkey, ham, beef, cheese (that one is on a lot of trigger lists, but not mine), milk, eggs, oatmeal, nuts, peanuts, apples, cherries, grapes, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, corn, lettuce, cucumber, squash, kale, swiss chard, beets, sweet potatoes, (etc etc etc…) mmmm now I am hungry.

How I eat:
Breakfast=oatmeal with milk, walnuts, prunes, and flaxseed (no sugar or salt, and it’s delicious) or one or two eggs and toast.
Lunch: peanut butter and apricot jam sandwich on whole wheat with an apple
snack: granola bar with oats, honey, almonds, brown sugar
snack: yogurt with magnesium supplement mixed up in it
dinner: broiled chicken breast with olive oil, steamed broccoli, stir fried sweet potatoes with walnut pieces, corn chips with sour cream

I eat foods with no additives or artificial colors, fake sweeteners, etc.

Don’t know if this helps, but I really have found keeping a personal “safe” list of foods is a good idea.

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