Avoiding the common cold

Hello fellow migraineurs,

This article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald and I learned a few new things from it. It debunks some myths about colds and how we catch them and on what works (or doesn’t) in getting rid of them. It’s important to avoid these bugs because if you’re anything like me, it puts MAV symptoms through the roof about 3 days into it. And because a person with migraine feels everything in an amplified manner, all of the associated aches and pains seem that much worse with a cold. I’m just coming down the other side of one now and really never want to get another one if I can help it.

[size=130]Cold Comfort[/size]

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People often think summer will offer some protection from colds but the reality is that it brings with it a whole new host of viruses and simply being warmer will not protect you.

People spend a great deal on … bogus cold remedies that are useless against cold viruses. A little understanding can go a long way in saving both trouble and money.

Volunteers infected with cold virus kissed cold-free volunteers for a full minute and a half, only one case of cross-infection occurred in 16 trials!

If somebody who is ill has just wiped their nose and has virus on their hands and you touch them and then touch your nose, you are going to get sick.

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So it looks like washing hands and not sticking them in your eyes or nose after a trip on public transport or if you’re around people with colds and you’re touching stuff they’ve touched is the way to keep it away. Apparently, on average, we touch our own faces 16 times an hour.


good post. my BF and I are a bit germophobic esp in the winter. An ounce of prevention i guess. just don’t want to get too OCD about it :slight_smile:

Very true … it would be too easy to become a hand washing OCD maniac. :lol: There was a stretch of time a few years back when I rarely got on any public transport; I rode my mountain bike everywhere and guess what? I didn’t catch a cold (or give myself one as the article states) in 2.5 years. When that ended and I stopped riding and got back on buses and trains, colds came back with a vengeance.