B Vitamins

Does anyone else have trouble with these. I keep thinking I must need them and over the years I have tried several times to take them. Lately, I tried them individually, B2 gave me migraine and felt rotton for days. Just tried B1 (Thiamine), again dizzy migraine for days. I have to have B12 injections once every 3 months and the dr. looks at me like I am mad when I tell him I have migraine for days after the jab.


I was recently reading up on vitamin B, and what recall is that this group works best when taken as a whole instead of individuals. You mention taking a couple of different vitamin B’s as individual, but you don’t mention any complexes. Have you tried complexes?

Anyway, I take a vitamin B complex every morning and I don’t experience any problems that I am aware of.


Hi Brian,

Yes, have taken B complex many times over the years and always had trouble with it. I know the B3 probably caused widening of blood vessels (niacin) and the B6 always made me irritable, so I tried the individual ones, but the only one I seem not to react to is the B5.

Hmm… I took them almost all 2008 with no problems (um, that’s relative… I felt like crap all year!). Then I stopped, and when I took 'em the last time, I had a bad migraine that night.
I THINK I traced it down to it containing thiamine nitrate but can never be sure. I bought a new B-complex with thiamine hydrochloride instead, but haven’t dared to try yet.

Hi Christine,
I’ve been taking Vit B complex and Vit B2 for around a month now , and have found it really helps me,
Brians Right ,you should always take the complex together they help each other work , just like magnesium and calsium.
Some people do have a reaction to B12 injections, I did,
It always gives me anxiety rush , for the first night after taking it, shakey .
but resolves the next day, and I feel more energy ect.

Hi Jenny,

It was only when I looked back in my diary that I saw that after the B12 jab, in the five days following, I was getting bad migraine, vertigo within two days of the jab (bad attacks) and neuralgia. I have had allergy tests done at the hospital and they found I was allergic to cobalt and I wondered it this played a part but it is pretty irrelevant as I have to have the injections, my B12 was really low.

Hi ,
That’s one thing I’ve never had done, allergy testing.
I wondered if testing would help with the elimination diet.

years ago, I before diagnosed mav, I was looking for resons for all this dizziness, and decided to go on a gluten free diet , because certain foods would give me IBS, so I went gluten free for a year, also started getting B12 shots monthly, and I did have remission from the dizziness, util a cousin came for a visit and we drank red wine, the very next day I went for a swim and and bang! it was back,I never put 2 and 2 together bcause no one had suggested silent migraine even existed.
obviously the diet and b12 shots, were helping me.
after having such a reaction to a simple B12 shot, I did some reading on it,and did find some people saying they had similar reactions to the shots.

hmmm? interesting!
thanks Christine.