B2 and the regime that seems to work for me

Hey guys, So I’m back to being fine today after a bit of a setback this week when I stopped taking B2 thinking it wasn’t important. This is what seems to be working for me so far: I am a lot better when I follow this regime carefully: 800mg magnesium (glycinate or chelated form) split in 2 doses in the day, don’t take at the exact same time as calcium as this will inhibit absorption but eat calcium at other points in the day in food form, 400mg B2 in the morning, 3 capsules of St Johns Wort throughout the day (I use GAIA brand). CoQ10 is also helpful to boost energy and may help the symptoms but I had bad GI problems with it which seems unusual. The jury is still out on Feverfew. It’s sedating though which does help with anxiety, not so much with motivation to work (much like gabapentin). :slight_smile: Nuts do seem to be trigger foods if I eat them in high enough quantities- same goes for peanuts. I need to be better about following the migraine diet. Gluten seems to trigger symptoms but maybe not dairy. It’s confusing to me. xx

Sorry to hear about your setback … are you off meds completely?

As long as I take all these supplements the Mav is under control but sometimes I feel a little off. I’m sure I’ll never be completely fine but I’m way way better. I can drive ride fly in an airplane and work with no real problem. It’s tolerable though and I feel like myself just on this regimen. Yet gabapemtin is great for anxiety- it’s always tempting to pop one with this condition as you know. :wink:

I think we will be completely fine one day!

The key is to recognise that much of this condition is brought on by stress and emotional upheaval and if we can find our way back to being calm, confident, happy and feeling in control we will beat it. The challenge is that the condition itself causes a vicious cycle.

I’m pretty sure the bulk of my dizziness and tinnitus is a result of stress. I’ve noticed times recently where my tinnitus has diminished when i didn’t expect it to and I reflected at the same time how normal and on top of things I felt at the time.