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Back after 2 years remission


Can’t believe I am back here again…
4 years ago I was hit with what I now know as Vestibular migraine. I was unbalanced, clogged ear, seeing stars and strips in my vision, could not watch the tv etc etc. I fought hard to regain my life. I tried many meds. I settled on toopmax and although I coped side effects it helped stablise my imbalance and other terrible symptoms. I was on topamax for about 9 months and then tapered off. Since then I’ve been off meds the last 2 years, I had limited symptoms and was living a normal life again…
Unfortunately, that has come to an end, 2 weeks ago after stress, a virus, anxiety, teeth grinding, I am now back on the rocking boat… What a sad condition indeed. I started taking topamax again, hopefully with my swift response this will help wack the vestibular system and get me back to normal soon.

Who here has had relapse after no meds? What’s your experience?

by the way, Thank you for this site, I remember 4 years ago when no one got me- but everyone on this site did!

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