Back from Dr Surenthiran and added Gabapentin

Hi guys

Well I’ve had today my third follow-up with the lovely Dr S and also my VRT therapist.

Dr S said I’m still to get to the 75mg Nori (currently at 70mg) and stay there for a few weeks and then I’m to add Gabapentin. He’s given me a script and I’m to start at 300mg for the first 3 days, then 600mg for another 3 days and then 900mg continuing on …

I’m really hoping/praying that this ‘dual therapy’ (as he calls is) will give me the last 30 - 40% that I need. He said he feels I’ve made excellent progress but to remember the brain is still irritable and fragile and not to do anything to upset it and still take it easy even when I’m having good days.

He said the smells trigger is hopefully a passing phase given that it has started very recently and wasnt there in the beginning, he’s hoping it’ll morph out as it did in!

Has anyone on here ever taken Nori and Gabapentin together?

Hope everyone is having a good start to the week.

Luv Muppo x

Hi Muppo -

No experience with those meds, but I wish you luck! Sometimes a “cocktail” is what does the trick - a single drug alone won’t cut it.

I like the empathy expressed in the phrase “the brain is still irritable and fragile.” That’s a different way of putting it, but it gets at the heart of the matter. We can’t mess around - one night of staying up too late, skipping a single meal, etc. and many of us are going to be in big trouble. We’d like to forget this and live like “normal” people but no such luck.

To put a more positive spin on it, we certainly are “sensitive” as well as “in tune” with the environment, aren’t we? :roll:

Good luck Mupp! Let us know what, if any, side effects occur. Hoping there’s none!


Yes, good luck Mupps

Although I must say I’m a bit mystified why he chose Gabapentin over Pregabalin, when the latter is supposed to be Pfizer’s ‘new and improved’ version. This man moves in mysterious ways…

anyway, I’m going to be following you closely (metaphorically speaking!) to see how you get on.

Big hugs

D - L xxxxxx

Old article but interesting what it says about
Gabapentin (Neurontin). Studies are from 1995 relating to vertigo.
I was on this recently for nerve pain and had success but weight gain is an issue. … rugrx.html