Back in school full time, struggling again!

Hi fellow MAV’ers. Well I have been doing pretty good for a while. Im on 3 meds and have been living a fairly normal life, I still had my moments. especially when I was too tired, or that time of the month, but I was functioning about %95-%99 most days. Well I started back in school full time about a week ago and this week I have been on the verge of spinning most of the day :frowning: My sleep schedule really hasn’t changed as I have always been up early to take my oldest son to school, but I’m thinking maybe with the environment change or even having to concentrate more? I don’t know, its very frustrating though. I am more busy, I have to get ready my two youngest early also to go to daycare, and my husband leaves to work before we are even awake so I do it all. I am upping my dose of celexa tonight and might even go up on my Depakote dose in a couple days if my dizziness doesn’t settle. I have an appt. with my doc next week and will discuss this all with him, but he really has no idea how to help and was just glad that my current combo of drugs were working. He will basically try most things I suggest though based on my own research. He is a wonderful caring doctor though, just is not familiar with MAV. Has this happened to anyone else? New environments, schedule etc throw things off and it settle down again? I was doing so well, I hate to reverse. I was almost forgetting about this junk, but its rears its ugly head again gladly letting me know I’m not “normal” anymore. Such a difficulty illness to deal with, Im only 27, have 3 young children and Im back in school because I refuse to let this get the better of me, Im trying to prove to myself I can do this.

Hi MR,

I think if I were you I’d just wait this out a bit. Your routine just changed and you might just need to allow time for your migraine brain to settle down and get used to the new things that are going on. When I started this job back in April 2011 it took me about 4 weeks to really begin settling down and getting used to things and then it was all cool again.

S :slight_smile:

Thanks Scott! It give me hope if this also happened to you. Im sure my migraine brain does not like this change. Ill give it a couple weeks.

ANY new stressor, Becky, in my case. Actually, any new or revisited stressor carries risk. I’m way over-preparing for a seminar I’m giving in March, in the hope that this will make the material old hat, even if the context and audience are unfamiliar since well before my MAV.

Having said this, I do realize that the mommy track limits your prep time.


Hang in there! You just stressed out that migraine brain of yours. I have had a similar experience since the holidays, and while I am not feeling perfect, I am continuing on working full time, being a mom, and attending school. You will be able to do it, and may actually find that keeping busy helps. I am beginning to wonder if I should keep upping my meds or stay where I am at, and give my body some extra time to stabilize. Its tough to deal with, but I think this is just a rough patch for you. Hang in there and don’t give up!

Oh Rebecca, BIG HUGS to you, as I am going through the same thing myself right now. I had to take a year off of grad school thanks to all this dizziness crap. I started back up in the Fall and it feels like in BOTH semesters, my dizziness got so bad in the beginning. I have a feeling that more than the “change” (as I didn’t really have a change in schedule), it was the added stress that really threw off my dizzies again. Last semester I got BPPV the week I was going back to school, and this semester it’s just been non-stop dizziness/ear fullness/motion sickness. Sucks cos I have an hour commute to/from class.

I bet once you get used to the change, and the stress level gets lower, your dizziness will subside too. One thing I’ve noticed is the more I think about it/stress over being dizzy, the worse I feel. I go through cycles where it takes me a while to find that “off” switch to stop being upset and just live life. Once I find that, I’m okay again for a little bit. Hang in there! I am only 27 too and it sucks being plagued with such a horrible “invisible” illness at such a young age!