Back on Nortriptyline, no more verapamil

So, the verapamil did not go well. I was having chest pains every day and they were getting worse. I tried to ignore them, but they were pretty bad on Thursday. I called the neuro and he said that was not good. So we made the decision to go back on the Nortriptyline. So, if I gain a few pounds, eh, who cares. It worked, and I would rather lose a hand than be in that dizzy hell again.

Just wondering what dose of nortriptyline worked for you

Lisa, how are you doing since starting the meds?


Just 20 mg worked for me which is relatively low. However, since being on here, I have to say that the symptoms I had when I started the nort were relatively mild compared to others on this site. I can work/have a social life, etc. I had a very bad spell in December but it quieted down at the middle/end of Jan with diet, sleep, exercise etc.

Amy- thanks for answering my question
Brenda - thanks so much for asking. I am still very sick. on 30mg of nortriptyline, and going up slowly.