Back to square One! HELP!

So in November I started taking a very low does of Verapamil (20mg morning 40mg at night) for MAV and it worked wonders! I felt about 90% better although I still had motion sensitivity which is ok cuz I’ve come to terms that thrill rides have to stay a thing of my past. I also have high fluid pressure in one ear so I am advised by my doctor to stay on very low sodium diet so I don’t have another violent vertigo attack. Anyway, fast forward to january of this year my whole world was turned upside down. I’ve had marriage problems for a long time and simultaneously was contacted by my old high school boyfriend (the love of my life) and I decided to get divorced and begin a relationship with him. I have also been thrown into trying to help my newly alcoholic Father who lost his wife after caring for her from a stroke for 8 years and becoming an alcohoic in the process and now he has dementia. All of this (boyfriend Father) stuff is out of state in the same city so I’ve been traveling back and forth caring for Dad and spending time with my old boyfriend and of course eating out, not sleeping, doubling up my coffee, living on antibiotics due to some ongoing infections and getting divorced to my very bitter husband and also considering moving out of state with our 2 children. A lot of stress? YES! I thought I was handling it well and then all of a sudden all my MAV symptoms have returned. Vertigo jolts, dizzy, off balance, you name it. I thought maybe I needed to increase my verapamil or maybe it is just the stress? Has anyone else seen a slide back to the beginning from stress? Also, I would like to quickly add in that before I was diagnosed with MAV by a neurotologist, I saw a neurologist that was convinced that my vertigo was caused from my neck. There are several bone spurs pushing close to my cord but not stenosis yet. I have noticed that my symptoms are much worse when my neck is very tight. I sometimes wonder if I even really have MAV? My Neurotoloist does not believe in cervical vertigo and said it has been dismissed in the medical world that they once thought that but not anymore. I do not agree cuz when I get massages (which I can’t anymore) it causes my vertigo!!! I tired to mention that but both doctors dismissed it and the neurologist said it would be good for me. I find it odd that I can’t have any pressure points on my neck in the bad areas or i start getting dizzy. Any advice would help at this point. Thanks everyone!


Hi just writing because I also seem to have a problem with my neck. Whenever I feel bad my neck also is very tight and my shoulders are really sore, they actually feel like they are burning. I know I will have a very bad day if I wake up and my neck is tight. I have also noticed that when I massage the back of my neck I feel like I am moving side to side and feel all over the place. I am going for an MRI scan in 3 days which is for my brain, last time I saw my neurologist I didn’t know about the neck thing. I rang him to tell him my discovery and he said the MRI would look at my neck also. Just have to wait to see what happens really but I never get true spinning vertigo, I get a strange dropping sensation with pressure in my head and a sort of pulling sensation in my head. I will let u know if I get any answers regarding my neck incase it can help you also. What is the stenosis that you mention?

Stenosis is when the vertebrae in your neck actually protrude and press on your spinal cord resulting in horrible pain with bladder and bowl problems. I am supposed to do these exercises but I don’t. I’ll be headed for neck surgery in the next 20 years if I don’t get my act together and religiously do these exercises. Let me know how your MRI goes.


That sounds like alot!

Last summer I wasnt diagnosed jet, but I whas feeling much better. But after a big final eksam and after that a cancer diagnos for my father, I went from being okay too being set back to square. I think stress is the worst trigger. The kind where you have are in constant stress, and your stomach feels like hurting…

Good for you you followed your heart! But a relaps dont last as long as the beginning of MAV… Hopefully it goes by qiukcly!

Best from Line

Hi there,

I understand your frustration with your neck, and Im sure you go back and fourth… its my neck no its mav…
Its tough. Doctors dont like the term Cervical Vertigo or Cervicogenic dizziness, yet most of them told me my dizzines is neck related.

There is a lady that treats “neck” dizziness. She is at Legacy. I saw her and she deals with this often. She said usually people start feeling
better in a few weeks. If they get worse, then usually its not neck related.

Maybe give her a shot. She is also familiar with MAV to. So she could help sort it out.

Her name is Debbie Dressler she is a PT that specializes in balance/dizziness. I believe with 20yrs experience.
Very compassionate and knowledgable.

Just an idea.


Thank you thank you thank you! I do feel it’s my neck although I did fail the inner ear testing. I think it’s both actually. I do wonder though if the really bad vertigo attacks I had in September were just stress and sodium related? We went through a TOTAL house remodel and lived witout a kitchen for 5 months and ate fast food or out every single night when I had those attacks. Could have happened to anyone maybe. What I’m feeling now I’ve felt for years and I know my neck is mess. They told me for my age it was bad. I’m going to call her right away. Thanks again!


Follow up with Kristina’s gal for sure, but I just wanted to let you know that I definitely have relapses in times of increased stress. Stress and MAV sure don’t mix! Hope you can get it figured out quickly and get things settled down again.

I have a few theories myself. I think my neck is a big contributor!

I think seeing Debbie will help you sort thru things. I myself feel a little more dizzy when Im stressed out to.
Being stressed out for me leads to more anxiety. Like today Im having these wierd sensations. Never had them
before. Its like Im standing here and all of a sudden I feel dizzy, but a different dizzy, like my head just got spacey
and I dont know cant describe it. So that led to stress/anxiety and more dizziness! Its a roller coaster.

They say that true cervicogenic dizziness is typically only felt while moving your neck. Not sure how much of
that is true. I mean a muscle spasm can cause a reaction on its own. I know that for sure.

I just hope you get some answers so you can focus on what is best for you, whatever it turns out to be. Your neck
maybe the primary trigger, or just a BIG secondary trigger.

Good luck, let me know how it goes.