Bad symptoms after medication trial?

I have tried sodium valproate ( depakote/divalproex) for 9 weeks, slowly increasing the dose up to 600 mg. But unfortunately the side effect of severe hairloss was not acceptible. Neurologist adviced to stop because this side effect wouldn’t subside he said and in some people the hair didn’t grow back.

He said, since the dose was quite low I could taper off in 2 or 3 days. I decided to do it in 8 days, but I experience a lot of increased symptoms. The (24/7) tinnitus has become so loud ! And I feel much more pressure in both ears, am very restless, sleep is bad, and I have these strange brainzaps.

Does this sound familiar to any of you , after a medication trial? Even after so short a time? And did it settle down after a while?

Thanks all !

Yep, sounds about right. Sorry you are going through it, but as far as getting off psych meds like anticonvulsants and antidepressants, it can be common. A lot of doctors tell people to taper faster than their bodies can generally tolerate, since it is slow enough to prevent serious issues (e.g. withdrawal seizures) but not necessarily to prevent other discontinuation issues. You have the option of bumping your dose back up and tapering more slowly, or just toughing it out. It varies by medication and by the individual, but those symptoms should go away soon (for many it is within a few weeks). If it doesn’t go away, call your doc for help. Brain zaps are really something else - hard to describe quite how they are until you have had them :shock:

Thank you so much, Dizzy , your answer is most helpful. I was aware that most doctors advice people to taper quite fast, but in this case I thought he could be right because I took it for only 9 weeks.
I took my last dose 6 days ago, so I guess it will get better every day !

9 weeks is considered long enough, sadly. This article is about discontinuation with antidepressants (more well known, it seems), but may have some information that could be helpful for you: As always, you know you best and if something seems like it needs medical attention, it’s always better to be safe and check it checked out.

Thanks for posting that link re the med trials. Side effects when titrating off some of the meds can be quite as bad as getting on them! I’ve been coming off a tricyclic (Dothep) 100mg down to 25mg at present. Have been on this med for 2yrs and cleared up the headaches but coming off because not tolerating new side-effects. I’ve taken 6 weeks to titrate down so far and have been doing OK except for the last week.
However, now I’m getting a lot of vertigo when looking down and balance problems again. Still on 100mg Topamax which had ‘killed’ my visual vertigo/motion and travel issues so now I’m wondering whether this new stuff is a reaction to coming off the anti-depressant or whether, in fact, it was helping far more than I realised.
A pity we couldn’t view the titration scale - it took me 5months to get to 100mg Dothep so perhaps 6weeks down is too fast?