Baloh -- anxiety diagnosis

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I came across this thread which is quite interesting. Someone has seen Baloh after suffering dizziness for 2.5 years … so what did Baloh diagnose? Anxiety and nothing else. What I would like to know is how did Baloh exclude MAV from the picture given anxiety is so tied up with MAV anyway for a lot of sufferers (don’t forget there is migraine anxiety-related dizziness or MARD). I might send an email to Baloh and ask how he distinguishes between the two. Notice he wants to put this person on Celexa. … p?t=715306

Any thoughts?

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Scott, that is very interesting! I think an email to Dr. Baloh would be a great addition to what you have already accomplished with the other Drs. I would be very curious whether he thinks anxiety is the true root of MAV or visa versa. For me, I thought the anxiety was a consequence of my MAV. It could also be that he treats the anxiety component in the hopes of raising the threshold, which seems to make a lot of sense to me. Good find! Ben

Hi Scott,
Yes, very interesting. But I find it hard to believe that someone with all the classic symptoms of MAV would be diagnosed with anxiety as the cause. Maybe I am being skeptical, but I really think there has to be more to the picture that Dr. Baloh picked up on that is not being communicated in the thread. In any event, since the SSRI’s are used to treat MAV and anxiety, if the guy gets better we still will not know his true diagnosis.
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Please let us know what Dr. Baloh says if you contact him. Interesting…



In 1992 when i had my Big Crash i was diagnosed with “Panic Disorder”…but that was many years ago and i would like to believe we’ve made quite a bit of progress since then now that we have a name for our condition (MAV). Dr. Baloh talked with me in his office for approx 10 minutes in late 2006 and looked in my eyes and said “I know what you have”? “You have Migraine Equivalent”. It was almost like he could see thru me.

I think it would be great if you could e-mail Dr. Baloh.

Let us know how it goes.


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I looked for that person’s previous threads and they make a point of saying they had never experienced any headaches – which in itself does not exclude MAV but I think you’re right Lisa in that there must be other things we don’t quite know. Baloh eats MAV for breakfast. You’d think he could spot it from 100 yards! :lol:


I am sure anxiety becomes a part of this disease once you have had to endure the day in and day out symptoms for any length of time. I have a hard time believing that it could only be anxiety unless there are a number of things going on that is not addressed in the initial thread.