Base Of Skull- Eye Pressure

Okay this is driving me nuts.
I figured out I have POTS and eye pressure goes with that.
But, The base of my skull where it meets the neck is driving me insane.
It’s triggered all day long. Frequently through the eyes.
So I came across a post from a girl talking about her migraine:

“Thats exactly the pain I get before/with my migraines. They start at the base of the skull, where the neck meets it.
Eventually the pain becomes unbearable… and then migrainous.
This always goes hand in hand with the old “boiled eggs” for eyes routine. Feel like they’re going to pop out of their sockets!”

Okay, now that sounds like me, but how come people in this group don’t talk about boiled eggs for eyes? LOL.
I wouldn’t call my skull pain unbearable; mine is a very scary “nervy” kind of feeling that makes me want to rip my skull off.

Does any of this ring a bell with you guys?


Hi Heather ,
I dont get the eye stuff you talk of, but the base of the scull thing I understand completly,
my migraines varies in severety from day to day, so it takes a pretty big stroke type migraine to trigger the scull pain, and it feels as if I was just hit in the back of the head by a cricket bat.
and radiates across my shoulders .
leaving everything tender.



I’m the opposite of Jen. I get the eye pressure, but not the base of the skull thing. I’ve never heard the “boiled eggs” descriptor before, but that sounds about right. My head pressure is mostly on the top of my head and behind my eyes. I do have very tense shoulders, but that is something I have had forever. I don’t relate it to migraine in my case, although I guess that is a possibility.

I’m just tired of my eyes feeling so awful. I have great vision, besides the visual snow, but I squint almost all the time because of light sensitivity. I do better when I wear sunglasses indoors, but that is not always appropriate. 8) I’m starting to get my first wrinkles from all the squinting!


Hi Heather,

My major migraines have ALWAYS been at the back of the head (occipital area), the bit that goes in, I always described it as being hit over the neck with an iron bar. They always used to last 3 days, they are not so bad now. With that, comes the neck pain, shoulders, pins and needles etc. I have had these for 25 plus years, I can honestly say, I cant remember having a headache or migraine in my forehead, ever. One dr. said this was basilar migraine (among my many different diagnosises).
Dont get the egg thing, but have had major pressure in my head like its going to explode, I get watery eyes, blurred vision, eyelid droops with it and my eyes are often red rimmed with black circles underneath (such a pretty sight)

I get two types of pain at the back of my skull where it meets the neck. The first is an electric shock like sensation and I usually consider that something equivielent to an aura, it usually goes away after a few minutes only to be followed by the start of a migraine. The other is simple muscle spasms. These can lead into a migraine but that isn’t always the case.