Being Mr. Nice Guy Sets Me Back

Hi Everyone,

My friend from Germany came out to visit me for 3 days and i let him have my bedroom during the visit and since we don’t have an extra bed i slept with my roomate who snores and kicks. Unfortunatley i was not able to get very sound sleep thru the 3 days and now i’m paying for it. The Motion and Rocking has increased…the Tension (squeezed like feeling) in my head has increased and even mild vertigo like symptoms have returned (getting in and out of bed feels like my body wants to go into a vertigo spin). It has been 2 weeks since my friend left and the symptoms are still hanging on. I would guess that adventually these symptoms will gradually decrease but makes me realize just how fragile i am. That is why i stick with a part-time job working as a Substitute because you never know how this condition is going to react from day to day.

I still have no doubts my condition is headache related…although i definitely am a “Silent Migrainer” (don’t have te excrutiating headaches). My condition consisits mostly of Motion …plus this Squeezed Like Tension on the right side of my head that worsens with lack of sleep, stress or change of diet. Is there anyone out there that has this particular feeling in there head? I’ve asked this question before sometime ago and not many people appear to have this. I feel like a lone ranger. Of all the symptoms of MAV…(with the exception of vertigo)…lack of sleep has a way of really setting me back.

Hope to hear from you guys.



Yes to all. I too have that pressure in my head. For me it feels like an invisible elastic band wrapped around my head.I tend to feel more of the pressure on the left as apposed to the right. My main symptoms are also internal and external motion 24/7. Headaches are not a huge problem for me. What I mean is that I suffer maybe 2-3 headaches a week but usually mild.The occasional headache is fairly painful and makes the motion and dreamlike state i reside in worse. Lack of sleep definitly increases the motion.

Actually about six months ago I had to stay in a cottage with a group of friends for a stag do. I worried so much about going and thought I would let my friend down if I did not.It would be my first night out in two years. I made it clear to everybody (when **I ** booked the cottage for us all) that I would like the single room so if I needed to get away I could. Unfortunatly when I arrived the rooms had been picked and I was left sharing with someone who snores and likes to wake early. I must have had about six hours sleep over two days and it messed me up. To top it off the guy I booked this place for, who took the single room knowing my issues the last two years and whome I travelled 60 miles for decided to tell me one night that my problem was all in my head and that I should snap out of it.

Shocking really. That statement certainly changed my perspective of him right there and then. Us nice guys can be too nice. Never again,

I agree with you Joe, and Jayb. It’s so hard to try to have a normal life and be part of our old social networks , without repercussions. I went to a friends birthday party two months ago. It was pretty sedate as parties go, but just being out set me back in my symptoms and I haven’t recovered yet…hardly been able to get out of the house since then, except for essentials.

Sleep has a huge effect on worsening of symptoms. Of course I’ve been dealing with insomnia, (anyone else?), which makes everything worse.

Jayb-how horrible to have someone you thought a friend to be so cruel and insensitive. I’ve been fortunate to not have had a such an experience, though I do get friends and family members theories on why I’m sick, or still sick after so long. These can be fairly insensitive, but not so brutally uncaring!
Thanks for posting, it’s so helpful to see I’m not alone in dealing with all the baloney that comes along with having MAV.

Hi Jay & Robb…

Thank you for responding and your share. I’ve noticed that my occasional run of the mill headache has become a little more often. Whether it’s a silent migrainer (motion, tension rather than pain) or a run of the mill painful headache i notice the pultzing/throb like feeling and pain occurs most always on the right side of my head.

Jayb…this guy who took your single room and told you your symptoms are all in your head is not a friend…in my opinion. I’ve had a couple of friends a number of years back who didnot believe me about my condition and now years later they are no where to be found. Guess this illness scared them away.

The invisible elastic band is a good way to describe the symptoms. This dizzy motion condition is 24/7 for me too. Medication and diet help me the most and of course i need to keep the stress down. Oh yes…one more thing…the inside of my head does not feel Relaxed. If i had a magic wand to relax my head…then maybe the motion and tension would come to a halt.

Robbie…sorry that your outing at a birthday party set you back. But you will get back to a sense of normalcy (where symptoms calm down a bit)…just takes time. I know i will too but it’s taking it’s sweet time about it. Lack of sleep really does me in…big time! I don’t have too much problems with insomnia (only on occasion but have more probmems in the summer when it’s real hot. Although…taking a baby aspirin on days that i have difficult sleeping can be helpful…atleast for me.

Thank You again for your responses.