Being on a boat?


I wanted to ask all of you MAVers if you’ve ever been on a boat since this condition started? When I’m in a car I feel better. I’m just wondering if being on a boat can cancel it out too? I got offered this music gig on a small boat in Norway. It’s on a channel so there is no waves just movement… I have to be on the boat for 2 hours and perform and I’m not sure what to do… :frowning:

What are your thoughts???


Hi Emma,
I too generally feel better driving. I can say that the boat has the same effect for me - positive. I attribute it to having minimal visual stimulation. I don’t really think the movement of either the car or the boat is what makes me feel better, I honestly think it is tied to the lack of visual cues. I’m not sure about performing on the boat, but if you haven’t had any significant issues in the car, I think you should be fine on the boat.
Good luck!


Before MAV i could not tolerate Boats or when i was a kid being stuck in the back seat of the car driving in very curvey mountains…always been Motion Intolerante. Now that i have MAV…there is no way i’m going to chance getting on a boat or cruise …i know i would get sicker than a dog! I experience motion everyday with this MAV so it would not be a wise decision for me to get on a boat, carnival rides or drive in curvey roads. But i do agree with you that when driving a car seems like there is less motion…more stable.


Hi Em,

No problems on a boat for me. I think you’ll be fine … go for it.