Best MED's for non headache symptoms ie. dysequilibrium

I’m going through a bit of a rough patch atm with my symptoms being unbearable.
I’m currently on 75mg of topamax and haven’t noticed any improvements. I will make my way up to 100mg and stay there for a few month to give it a fair trial but it’s not looking hopeful.

I don’t get headaches just constant 24/7 dysequilibrium/rocking etc. I know that some drugs are better for targeting these symptoms.

Advice anyone???

And I noticed from another thread that Dr Hain prescribes Effexor in this circumstance. Anyone had luck with this drug?

Thanks guys, ella

I kno someone ho said Amitriptyline (elavil) took this symptom away but its at a high dosage of about 100mg a day . But they said it took away that sensation after about 3 months at that dose.

Well benzos are supposed to help with the dysequilibrium and I know a number of us here, including myself (Klonopin for me), use them.


The daily preventatives that people with vestibular migraine take are on the whole the same as those taken by people with headache as their main symptom. Some doctors treating MAV prefer one drug over another, but there isn’t any absolute consensus on which is best. For example some people on this board have had huge success at treating their dysequilibrium with topamax, whereas for others it does nothing or makes them worse. I had no success whatsoever with topamax but do fairly well on propranolol. It’s a case of trial and error and hitting on the right drug for you. It’s true that Dr Hain favours effexor, although speaking from my own experience it made me worse and I know others who have had a bad time with it, so I wouldn’t discount other options.

If topamax isn’t working for you, maybe you should talk to your doctor about trying a different migraine preventative, there are loads to choose from. The most popular options given out by docs for MAV seem to be - amitriptyline, nortiptyline, propranolol, some of the SSRI style anti depressant drugs, verapamil, pizotifen, but there are many others.


Anything taken directly for disequelibrium is short term. If you do have an MAV diagnoses, treat it like a headache, typically migraine preventative meds. That will ‘usually’ take care of the 24/7. The meds for short term vertigo/disequalibrium/dizzyness usually involve addiction and are effective for “as needed” basis without addiction, but daily use can cause tolerance and addiction.

BTW, my as needed med is Valium.

Hi Ella,
Effexor has helped me with anxiety and with refeered Pain.
for myself well worth being on it.
as the pain drove me wild.

That’s it…
I spent a long time thinking about the pro’s and con’s of effexor.
Dr hain is right , it helps in some ways,
I still have migrianes and I’m on 75mg a day.

It’s a hard drug to come off, if it dosent work, but it sure helps with the anxiety of mav.

good luck jen

The thing that works best to address the dizziness and the exhaustion has been Ritalin, for me.