Best treatment for neck/shoulder

hi, i have neck/shoulder pain - not sure if caused by MAV or its causing my MAV to increase, but whats the best treatment to help it get better? -



For me, the neck pain goes hand in hand with MAV. The more dizzy I am, usually the worse it is. It has been helped greatly by nori. It literally went from being 9/10 to 2/10 after my first dose of 5mg nori. It does go worse some days but before nori I was in agony every day. Many of the MAV meds help with chronic neuropathic pain. Some people find relief in osteo/massage etc but it didn’t do much for me. I think Dr S advises MAVers to avoid anything like that as he believes it makes things worse for those with MAV. I guess everyone is different though so you may have to try a few things and see what works for you x

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I’m working with a physio who specialises in balance issues (including MAV) and part of that includes working on tension in my neck & shoulders. I didn’t even realise how much daily pain I had in that part of my body until he helped me to unravel it all, and it definitely makes the MAV symptoms worse. If my neck flares up then the migraine symptoms increase too and when my neck feels good I feel much more balanced.

We are using a combination of daily neck exercises, acupuncture, sometimes some slight neck stretching & this week a tens machine combined with heat. I often use heat myself at home in the form of a hot facecloth, bath or shower. The more work we do on my neck & shoulders the more they relax and feel better. The acupuncture seems to work particularly well to release tension almost immediately (I know the jury is out on acupuncture, my own experience here is that it’s helpful).

He explained to me that headache/migraine and neck pain can all be part of the one problem - neck pain can cause headache or headache can cause the muscles in your neck to stiffen which will cause pain - so it can be hard to figure out which one is the root of the problem and it’s likely that it’s a mixture of the two. Nonetheless neck pain (or any physical pain/problem) has the potential to worsen migraine symptoms, so if you’re getting neck pain then it’s good to work on it because it can possibly help reduce the migraine stuff too.

I can’t tell you which kind of option to chose to help yourself, but only give you my own experience. If you do choose a physio then it might be wise to see if you can find one who specialises in VRT/balance because it’s more likely that they will have a fuller understanding of your condition than a regular physio.

I originally had neck/shoulder pain that set me off on a wild goose chase, thinking i had cervical spondylosis, but apparently everyone has
some degeneration in the bones of neck, and was told that would not be causing the beating problem towards right side back of head.
Put on 10 mg endep for ‘nerve pain’, did nothing.
Would not go back to chiropractic, too rough, in hindsight worse thing for someone with migraine. Massage can help with overall tension, but deep work can stir up migraine symptoms.
Physio helped by showing me an exercise that is like situps for the spine: while seated, put finger on chin and pull chin back, forward, back. made neck very sore at first, but helps to stretch occipitals at base of skull and strengthen internal neck muscles. He also did dry needling into upper traps which really worked on releasing the spasm. made me extremely tired after.
Gentle stretches in hot shower, Tens helped to numb a bit, later found I was too sensitive to use it. could experiment with hot and cold packs.
I had this pain for months, it wasn’t picked up that it was migraine
Now I have noticed it will suddenly just tighten like a screw at my neck when symptoms are transforming. Recently had 6 days of beating in head and noticed my muscles along spine from lumbar to neck all tight. can’t do spinal rolls anymore in case of dizziness, just try to do gentle movements that keep some movement thru

I too suffer from neck/shoulder pain. Spent a small fortune at chiropractor but finally realised it was doing nothing. Physio definately eased neck and showed me some gentle exercises. Dry needling did nothing, maybe made it worse. Prescribed 30mg amitriptoline and has eased dramatically. I have also definately noticed if my neck is good, I’m good. good luck on your search

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forgot to also say, physio said to take time out as often as I can to laydown on my bed and consciously breath and relax, even for just 5 minutes but ideally as long as you can. I forget to do it but when I do it does relax me and help.

My vote is for physio. Good luck. S