Beta blockers and what they do?


I know beta blockers r used to reduce blood pressure and have an off label use for reducing migraine symptoms. Just wanted to ask after popping a beta blocker, does it have an instant reaction like a benzo in reducing blood pressure or does it take time? As beta blockers reduce blood pressure, I assume it would have a calming effect like a benzo. As we all know benzos r not good for u in the long run, can’t we replace a benzo with a beta blocker? I’ve never taken a beta blocker b4 so this question may sound silly to those that do

Hi Nabeel - in my experience Beta Blockers take quite a few weeks to bring the BP reading down. I have been taking Avapro for ten years. This obviously did not prevent/help my mav. My GP added Propanalol when my dizziness began - no difference. I don’t notice any side effects ‘plus or minus’. Quite different from Ativan which has a fairly fast acting effect in calming brain down.

I took 10 mg. of Propanalol for about 4 months and it just zapped my energy and killed my sex drive (I’m petite, so I meds have a pretty fast effect on me). I now only keep some handy to use as needed…I took half of one on each my recent departure and return flights to help me calm down; it seemed to serve that purpose.