Betahistine (Serc)

Hey guys! My doctor said there is new research for histamine to help with migraines. He wanted me to try injections. (Unfortunately, we decided to wait on that route because I had a major panic attack when the nurse gave me the first injection to check for sensitivity). I’ve been doing some research on here. Seems like most of the post that talk about it seemed to have not had much luck with it. I’ve tried like 13 different meds though so I’m willing to try whatever now. Just wondering if anyone has had luck with the pill form? My prescription is Betahistine, but I see that it usually comes in a brand called Serc.

I have been using Serc for years and I feel it helps me. I have tried over 20 of the preventatives for migraine and couldn’t tolerate them in high enough doses but Serc doesn’t have any bad side effects for me.

I certainly notice it if I try to stop taking it.

Christine :slight_smile:

my neuro uses it as a first line agent. i havent come across other neuros on this forum who use it as their first line agent. it didnt suit ny gut so i had to drop it within a week

Well, thanks y’all for the reply! It seems like a hit or miss med. Do you know what kind of symptom relief it can cause? Can it help with 24/7 dizziness?

Lucille, I was first given Serc when they thought I had Menieres, since then, I have been diagnosed with vestibular migraine, also endolymphatic hydrops (similar to menieres). I think I may have both. The Serc is meant to drain the fluid from the ear and increase circulation to the ear. I am going back years now but I know I was a lot worse before I started taking it then made a slow progress. It helps with dizziness, daily and severe attacks, did not help with migraines or headaches. The effects were not instant and not dramatic. It feels like a mild drug to me (I am very sensitive to meds) I happily take this every day with no side effects, I mix other tablets I need to take with it etc.

Christine :slight_smile: