Big Bang Theory?

Wow…I did not know that other people were in a similar situation/history as me!!!

I have had only one (1) true vertigo episode…about a minute long followed by the suspected nasusea , tiredness, etc.

That was about 4 years ago…never had another one since then. (That’s the good news! :smiley: )

The bad news…Since that date, the foggy, dis-equilibrium, tinnuitis, motion intolerance, numbing, tingling, lack of clarity with eyes, yada yada yada has been with me 24/7 to varying degrees. (sometimes not so bad, sometimes pretty f###### bad) :shock:

Any thoughts or ideas if this is “normal” for people that have suspected MAV?

Any thoughts or ideas on why this might happen?

Just curious if I am an odd duck here!


Good post Todd. I’m curious to see the replies.

I’ve only had one slight Vertigo spin in 2008, but like you I am foggy, dis-equilibrium,motion intolerance, lack of clarity with eyes, bright light and noise intolreant 24/7 to varying degrees. No tinnuitis,numbing,or tingling. Everything kicked up a couple notches 3 weeks ago after 1 week of 20mg Ami. Can’t directly correlate it to the drug, but can’t think of anything else that triggered it. Can’t drive now and can barely make a walk around the block without stoping a couple times to reset myself.

So, Todd if you’re an odd duck then I’m nearby in the pond with you.

John Z

As the Doris Day song goes … MOVE OVER DARLING… I’m diving into this pond!!!

5 months ago it started with:

3 week head cold
Mini vertigo spin in week after head cold was gone
Over next 4 weeks 4 more mini spins and got so ill had to leave work - diganosed with Labs
Everything else you listed then kicked in… 24/7 rocking, motion, swaying, swooshing, vision like looking through perspex, episodic tinnitus, further episodic mini spins lasting a split second in which the world turns upside down, disequilibrium, floor bouncing and falling away from me…yawn … am I still going on??? :lol:

The things I DONT have are:
Brain fog (I still dont get what this is exactly)
Motion intolerance
Reaction to smells
Headaches, neck ache, other pain
Visual vertigo

I CAN do the following:
Shopping malls

I CANT do the following:

Now where’s my lilly pad… :lol:


For chronic migraine I’ve had big bangs but other times gradual and/or intermittent and increasing symptoms. Big bangs have been the light switch effect - one second fine, next all hell breaks loose. The unpredictability is f*ckin’ freaky and awful. With the big bangs the symptoms can go on for weeks or months, with some days better than others (even almost symptom free) and with changes, increases or decreases in severity throughout the day. What fun!


Brain fog is a feeling like your head is stuffed with cotton wool and you cannot think clearly or concentrate and your memory is shot. Kind of like the feeling when you first wake up, or wake during the night. Foggy, dense, heavy, clumsy. To illustrate by example - you might be trying to read something quite straight forward and you’ll read it over and over and nothing will sink in and it will take enormous effort to read.


Hi Todd,

I think we’ve compared our ‘big bang’ moments just recently. Just like you, I had one that kicked started it all. The timing was unbelievable - I went through months of stress, finished the task, and literally 15-20 minutes after finishing, completely relaxed, and then had my only real visual vertigo spin that made me fall over (actually 2 spins about 20 seconds or so apart) each lasting just a couple of seconds or so.

My consultant at the time said that it’s quite a common phenomenon - the body can carry you through months, even years of stress, but it’s the ‘letting-go’ afterwards that gets you. He said that a lot of people experience this when they go away on holiday and then fall apart, physically.

Actually, the MAV big-bang was kinda my second type of experience like that - I did a 4-year degree at university, where I worked my a*s off, didn’t miss a day in all those 4 years, held it together through all the stress, and the day after we finished, I virtually collapsed and ended up 2 weeks in bed with flu-type symptoms and a chest infection os some kind. To this day, it has left me with what I can feel internally as a slight ‘wheeze’ that I’m convinced I didn’t have before - and I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life! It looks like a recurring pattern for me - hold it together through the stress, then collapse and pay some kind of toll physically!! :frowning:


i’ve had the “dizzy spells” since i was 11 years old but they’d come and go, i’d take a meclizine and they’d go away.

after having my 2nd child, i went into my c-section surgery with a knarly virus- cold, i swear i had an ear infection but everything chewcked out fine and cough. had to have the surgery. was a little dizzy after the surgery but blamed it on the recovery and pain meds. 2 days later- BAM! The big bang hit! I think it was the inner ear virus, the horomone drop, the migraine on top of it, not to mention, september/october are my worst months and so i felt like it was 3 things on top of each other.

it’s been 6 months and i thought for sure i’d be better by know. for 18 years of suffering from this (i finally was diagnosed with mav in oct.) it’s never lasted this long so cannot figure what is different this time over the last times…it must be the big bang?

Hi Todd,
Yes it’s common for Mav’ers to have you’re symptoms and not necessarily have quick vertigo spins only.
But it does make it harder for Dr’s to diagnose as Many Dr’s aren’t aware of this lovely disease or it’s symptoms, spinning might only be a seconds or some people can have fast spinning anywhere from minute to hours or longer.
Migraine can present in many way’s and often , some people have it every day, which leaves the system in disequilibrium.
Sounds like Ripleys believe it or not ey? :roll: