Bioidentical Progesterone

Those with hormonal migraines…anyone ever tried this??

I am using bio identical progesterone right now to treat MAV. I have had some ups and downs with trying to find the right dose to use. I am two years past having a monthly bleed, and my MAV symptoms began almost one year to the day of the last menstrual period. When I menstruated I usually got migraine with headache the day before my period.

The progesterone does help raise the threshold of what provokes the vertigo, but taking too high a dose of it causes more vertigo, and for me sometimes a bad headache as well. I am working with a Naturopathic Doctor, I would say only try the Progesterone with a knowledgeable practitioner. Right now I am using a compounded progesterone cream from a pharmacy, 5mg a day, and I am going to try and use it twice a day as 5mg seems too be not enough. It is trial and error but I am totally convinced hormonal imbalance is a trigger for MAV.

There are other things to do to balance hormones, like regular sleep, fish oils,flax seed, exercise. Work with a knowledgeable practitioner. Best to you.