Blood flow?

I’m fast coming to the conclusion that blood flow - or the lack of it - is the main cause of my MAV.

Was having a fairly average day today with my normal background level of headache and dizziness when I went into a meeting to review some diagrams on a projector. We were overlaying two images of changes that had been made so it was like looking at a complex blurry pattern. It set off my symptoms big time, headache tightened, got sweaty palms and started to feel quite anxious and nauseous - had to look away and pretend I was following.
It took me an hour or so to return to baseline after the meeting but I was still worse than usual driving home.
Anyway I went to the gym on the way home despite feeling a bit dodgy and literally within 2 minutes of being on the exercise bike my headache and dizziness disappeared. I’ve noticed this with exercise before provided it is reasonably vigorous (walking isn’t enough) and I can only conclude that it is due to increased blood flow in the body/head that relieves the symptoms as I can’t see that any endorphins would build up within such a short space of time. It’s also interesting as since I’ve been taking 5HTP recently and doing more exercise my mood and anxiety has improved significantly but my headaches/dizziness are only marginally better, or more likely I’m coping with it better as I don’t feel so miserable, proving that these symptoms are only a side affect and not a cause.
BUT what I can’t understand is that Propranolol, the first med that I trialled, is meant to improve blood flow in the brain by dilating blood vessels but all it did was make me feel worse.
So the question is what is going on physically when you exercise? Are the blood vessels in the brain dilating? or could they be constricting? Or is it a case that they don’t change but the flow is increased because the heart is pumping faster?
Would really like to understand what is going on as at the moment it appears that constant exercise is the only cure :shock:

I too get dizzy-free when I exercise and feel good for hours after a good session. Depends on the dizziness you have - I just have the 24/7 rocking. If it’s to do with blood flow I don’t know, but it might also be that your sensory system overrules the vestibular when running, for instance. This explains when I run I don’t get the feeling like I’m on a boat. The post-exercise feeling of normality would probably be endorphins working though.

If I jump or shake my head I can feel the blood splashing around. Not good.
I am thinking about trying midodrine to improve the blood supply to my brain.

I agree with stewjay70 and Absintheminded. When I go for a jog I feel better. You guys should use the search field on the forum and look up the user “beatles909”. He also discovered the secret of exercising, and actually got to 100% on it without meds. It took him just under a year to do it, but he got there. I believe we all can do it if he can. Exercise and a clean diet. Regular sleeping patterns too, seems to be the key.

Hello stewjay,

I am also on propranolol and i was told that the purpose of it is to lower your bloodpressure. Anyway, it lowers mine! I can not raise the dosage because then my bloodpressure will drop to dangerzone.

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I don’t think anybody knows why beta blockers actually work. I think that the blood flow to and in the brain is supposed to be constant no matter if you exercise or not. The regulation of blood flow takes place just before the blood reaches the head. This is in healthy people.

It is possible that the exercise as well as the beta blockers help dilating the blood vessels and that this either normalizes blood flow or reduces inflammatory biochemicals and so stop the chain reaction leading to migraine. But nobody knows today exactly what migraine is and the exact pathway through which it develops.

My migraine always get a little bit better with exercise. But the only thing that really cured it completely was hand standing. I noticed that when i bend forward it feels like my head wants to explode from the blood pressure. So i wanted to overcome this and gradually worked my way up to “harder” exercises. In the end my constant migraine symptoms disappeared completely. But i can also get terrible side effect headaches from the hand standing. I guess because something really happens in the head, with the blood vessels etc. So be careful. I can not do it myself anymore unfortunately. But if i get a serious anti-inflammatory drug like indomethacin and take it right after i stand on my hands, then maybe this is a way back to health for me. I will start a new thread about this because this can really help people. I also noticed certain effect from super intense circle training…

That’s all for now.