Blood sweat and tears

Hi Dizzies,
Sorry to be blunt but I have a new problem…
I am on Nortri 30 mg. Anyone on meds notice that their sweat starts to smell different ?
I have never been a sweaty smelly person but my armpits seem to smell really different since I have upped to 30 mg.

Anyone ?


Could it be the truffles?

ha ha , no, I have not been eating the ruffles at all !!
but it made me laugh !!

LOL – that cracked me up as well. Scott :lol:

I’m on 30 mg amitriptyline (which is similar to nortriptyline), and I have noticed that I sweat more than I used to. It’s been a long time since I started taking the amitriptyline, and I didn’t notice straight away that I sweat more, but I noticed it after a while. Haven’t noticed a different smell, but it’s still embarrasing, because sometimes it’s visible under my armpits, so I have to think about what clothes to wear.

But hey, it’s worth it if the meds can help the MAV-symptoms (and I think amitriptyline has made a difference for me, even if it’s no superdrug).

Hi Anette,
I agree, it is well worth being sweaty if we feel better ! I guess that it what showers are for, an extra wash down a day should do the trick.
I am glad I am not alone in my sweating and my smells… it is not the kind of thing I can talk about at dinner ,so it is good to have this site to share the delicate issues with !