I have been worrying about my symptoms that something else is going on so my gp done my bloods to try and reassure me. He said if something is going on there would be some indication in my bloods and then investigate further. I have just phoned and they are all ok. I can’t believe I feel so ill and my bloods are ok.

Exactly the same thing happened to me. I couldn’t believe it but if it is migraine then that won’t show up on blood tests or a brain scan most likely. That is why is is a tricky thing to diagnose and for me why it took over 3 years because all my tests were normal even the vestibular tests. Of course there are things like Lyme disease which would need special blood tests for but most of the biggies can be ruled out by normal blood tests x

I don’t even know if I have mav I was waiting to see if the bloods were ok before I go down that route. Infact I told my gp I thought I had a brain tumour and he said he would do bloods because something would be high if I did.
I woke up with vertigo 3 months ago and pressure feelings in the side of my face/ head and a burning feeling in the back of my head. The spinning vertigo stopped over the course of a month and i thought it was gone but I was left with constant off balance, left sided headaches, pressure, sore left eye and cheek, brain fog, forgetfulness, burning feeling in the back of my head etc. I have all or some of these symptoms every day for the last month.
I don’t know if these are typical of mav because most people seem to have days/weeks without any symptoms in between attacks. Where mine seems constant.

Your symptoms sound typical of MAV and the doctor is right your blood tests would probably show inflammatory markers if you had cancer.

The majority of people here have chronic constant symptoms, including myself, so that is perfectly possible if you have MAV x

I also have had m.e/cfs for 12 years but these symptoms are different to my normal m.e ones. I also have tmj too which I have read can cause mav.

Hi Zipster,

I know it’s really frightening, and you are certainly not alone in thinking that there is something more sinister going on, as I think a lot of us have been there during the early stages of MAV! But the forum would be rather empty by now had that been true, whereas it seems pretty busy to me, so try hard to be reassured that it’s much more likely you have vestibular migraine than anything else.

And yes, a lot of people on here share your symptoms, and also have or had a spell where things were constant. Mine was like that for months and months, although now (3 years+) later I have milder symptoms that come and go.

I hope your doctor is helping you try some migraine preventative medication, so you can try to get your symptoms under control? Have you also identified any triggers that make you worse?

How about occipital neuralgia??? I am trying to cope with it and your symptoms sound a lot like it.

I have just looked that up and I don’t get stabbing pains. Mines more like pressure feeling in the side of my head/face/eye/cheek, brain fog, off balance, burning feeling etc.

Zipster, the fact the bloods are normal should now reassure you that you ‘only’ have migraine!!! I know the symptoms feel so bad and weird at times and it makes you feel ill and not yourself 24/7 but that can be caused by migraine as all of us with the same and similar symptoms know.

I find it’s best to stop fighting it, embrace the dizziness as a part of yourself for now and be positive and look to the future when you WILL find some relief from diet and lifestyle modifications and possibly medication.

Your body is healthy, someone else said on here that our vestibular systems are not wrong, they are in fact working perfectly fine and behaving just as they should (making us feel off balance) when being constantly bombarded by migraine. If we can get rid of the migraine symptoms then our balance would be just fine :slight_smile:

I advise you to try the diet to begin with, if you see improvements that further proves that you do not have a brain tumour or anything (brain tumours wouldn’t improve with diet)


Ok thanks. I have stopped having any sweets or crisps(basically any rubbish), cheese, citrus fruit, aspartame, msg, red wine( don’t drink it anyway) and see how I get on.
I know what you mean about fighting it because that’s what I do, Everytime I feel something like a head swaay or a sensation I am thinking oh no theres definitely something serious wrong.

I used to be just like you, i think we all are at the start, i still have times i worry but then i remember to be sensible and just accept that all these weird symptoms are caused by migraine. You really should read that book i recommended, it explains how migraine isn’t ‘just a headache’ but a whole neurological sensory mix of symptoms.
Well done on going to pick up your little girl, keep doing all the things you used to do and try not to think about how bad you feel, i know it’s hard but don’t let this beat you and take over your life!

Caffeine (including chocolate and things containing chocolate) is my biggest trigger and also nuts of all kinds, if you have given up MSG there are very few packet foods you can eat as anything with ingredients like ‘natural flavourings’ can contain it, the diet is very hard to begin with but eventually it becomes second nature and you will automatically know what to avoid.

Chin up Zipster! I am sorry you have this horrible condition but try to remain positive and look forward to feeling better x

I have ordered that book today off amazon.
I didn’t feel right at all when I picked her up and when I got in my head was swaying from side to side as if the motion of the car set some imbalance off.

— Begin quote from “zipster”

I have just looked that up and I don’t get stabbing pains. Mines more like pressure feeling in the side of my head/face/eye/cheek, brain fog, off balance, burning feeling etc.

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Zipster, I agree with Teddy. Your symptoms sound like occipital neuralgia. I went over a year with just feelings of pressure and/or tingling and then the burning started. ON does not have to involve a stabbing pain. Getting worse when lying down (or exercising) is also classic for ON. You can also get pain behind the eye and light sensitivity.

Have you ever had a neck injury or strain? Read through some of my recent posts about ON. Dizziness (and ear symptoms like pain and tinnitus) are known associations.