Botox and other "great" news

So I went and saw my neurologist for my 3 month checkup. He said he would like to try botox injections for my migraines since the meds I’ve tried dont seem to be working well. He’s being doing botox for migraines for years and years. He said his 20 year old daughter has been getting them every 4 months and hasnt had a migraine for 2 years - success rate for him and his patients getting the procedure has been 65% My health plan covers all but $125. I’m not too thrilled about getting it done (side effects, looking like Joan Rivers, NEEDLES) but if there is a 65% chance of getting better I’m thinking I’ll go for it. Has anyone had this done?

On a negative note, my 18 year old daughter was sitting on the sofa this morning and all of a sudden said “I see this really weird flashing thing in my right eye”. OH NO I said - MIGRAINE. She said no, cant be. I drew her a picture of the flashing scotoma aura I always get - she says OMG - that’s it!! She ended up having to come home early today from school with a bad headache. I feel SO bad for her! I figured she was in the clear since I started getting mine at age 14. Neuro said 80% of female children get migraines if their mothers do. Poor kid!! I’m so sad! :frowning:

My cousin is 40 and she has been having the botox injections for migraine and it’s helped her a lot.

I’m sorry for your wee girl :frowning:

all i know it’s super expensive so if that’s all you have to pay, i say go for it! the good thing about botox is that it’s temporary, not permanent.

so sorry about your dd. i have a daughter too but she is only 1. praying she inherits most of my hubby’s health genes…