BOTOX: I think it's helping!

One of my issues is that I get ~68 migraines a month, including 1-2 Basilar migraines a week (paraparesis of my legs, total loss of balance, occasional loss of conscionsoisness, terriblephotophobis, just the pits). Migraines have been a terrible problem for me for 3 years and I am on lots of drugs to try to control them.

I had about 12 BOTOX injections in my forehead 9 days ago. The wonderful news is that I think it’s working! Initially I was under the mistaken impression that BOTOX would totally get rid of all my headaches. Not so. I still take all my preventatives (I am on 3). I had been taking 3-4 abortive meds a day and wrapping my head in ice and was still miserable. So success with BOTOX would be to decrease the number of abortive meds I would need to take.

Over the last 2 days I have been able to function with 2 abortive meds and ice! That is stupendous progress! I am hoping it will get better. But I am so happy. I think this is a great start. :smiley: Oh…and no Basilar Migraine on Tuesday night when I was totally exhausted. That is when they are usually triggered. Yeah!!!

Just wanted to share the good news.



Let us know how you get on…The NHS here in the UK has just approved Botox & I am going to ask my neuro-otologist next visit. Hopefully it will work!

Claudia – that is great news. And you’ll look younger as a bonus! I hope it continues to help.

Best … Scott :slight_smile: