My friend suggested having Botox injections,
Does anyone know if this will stop the dizziness or only treat the headaches.
Has anyone tried Botox to help their vertigo.
I’m so fed up, 12 weeks now since I woke up dizzy,
I’ve been offered no medication, by any of the professionals, only the antihistamines that don’t work for me.
I’m doing vestibular rehabilitation excercices 3 times a day.
I’ve tried acupuncture, and am taking daily 800 mg kal magnesium, 400 mg b2 and 360 mg feverfew, I’ve been taking the supplements for a week and seen no change yet.

It took me 4 months to get a diagnosis then start trialling medication, so hang in there! I was doing vestibular rehabilitation exercises 4 times a day from May to November, only to be told by the ENT physiotherapist that they can be ineffective for this condition, so don’t worry if you’re not seeing an improvement yet - it could take months to see an improvement. I’ve only heard that Botox helps for migraine headaches, so I’m not sure about that one. I’d be interested to know if you get any more information on that though. Keep trying with the vitamin supplements, I suspect that they take a while to integrate into your system.

I am in the process of getting approved for Botox by my insurance as recommended by my doctor for my frequent pressure headaches. I’m guessing it will also benefit the vertigo too since its migraine. Dr Hain recommends it in his flow chart!